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Ss helmet: Is this one of any value?

Article about: Hello friends. Is this helmet of any collectible interest?

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    The shell could be a restored relic. Maybe the airvent was missing and replaced and that's why they look strange.

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    Circuit advertisement Ss helmet: Is this one of any value?
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    That's a original m35 shell, paint doesn;t have the patina of 70+years I'll leave ss decals to others. Probably ex renactors piece or someone wanting it for displaying with other items. timothy

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    Decals appear to be the round bottom fakes and as the others have said a original m35 and what I'm guessing repro air vents and everything else.

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    Have concerns about the decals myself. My gut says not an authentic piece in my opinion. I would wait for more opinions to trickle in. You will find this a very dedicated forum of people who truly are vested in the hobby to help protect and assist each other. Welcome to the forum. You are in a good place.


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    Where did you buy this helmet? as there is a German Dealer who sells these helmet as copies for 200 euros each , he normally sells them at the Ciney Show but i have seen them since trying to be sold as original by UK dealers

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    Hi, welcome to the forum, sorry to have to agree with the guys but the decals are most definitely not original although the "style" of them is of the ET manufacturer. There are small but significant differences between these and originals such as the "round bottom" to the shield that has been pointed out. The whole helmet has had a post war re-paint and re-fit, sorry. Leon.
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    I did not buy it. The helmet was in my grandfather's house. The house was taken over by a German field command and was used as a warehouse (I can proove this through books on the subject which mention the house and my grandfather and I also have some pictures which show SS soldiers and tanks parked in front of the house). When they retreated lots of stuff was left behind. My grandfather passed away and I got the helmet and other German WWII stuff. All the relics are rusty and have a patina, there is also another helmet which is totally knocked out and has shell holes, no paint. This one, instead, is in exceptionally pristine condition. I would have thought it was a post war re-paint, if I didn't find it where I did. Anyway, tough luck for me. Thank you all for your opinions. I understand it is a reproduction; what's it worth?

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    Quote by VintageAnni30 View Post
    I understand it is a reproduction; what's it worth?
    Famous last words. It's worth whats a reproduction is worth, which is whatever someone is willing to pay.

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    As said, a postwar put together. Value is about $75-$100 tops, at least that's what I would pay.


    P.S Welcome to the board. =)

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    I agree with the others, it is a post-war put together helmet. Or I like to call them a back yard helmet.


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