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SS Helmet for sale in the Classifieds.

Article about: I am posting this helmet that is currently for sale in the classifieds here for discussion. It is the opinion of some of the Moderators that this helmet and decal are not original or are in

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    Default SS Helmet for sale in the Classifieds.

    I am posting this helmet that is currently for sale in the classifieds here for discussion. It is the opinion of some of the Moderators that this helmet and decal are not original or are in some form, a modified original.
    steel helmet M40SS(it is found in a shed) - Militaria Collectibles buy - sell at War Relics
    The rest of the photos can be seen in the ad.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	egxw5173NFw.jpg 
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Name:	iRpaMr7pKr0.jpg 
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Name:	PTonnh8tmB0.jpg 
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Name:	TgRbs6-K_CI.jpg 
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Name:	W7bCF1el1Vk.jpg 
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    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    I still say items should not be listed for sale until verified as legitimate by the members!...
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    I would be inclined to agree that this is not a genuine SS helmet, the red rusting appears to be much fresher than 70+ years. A good clear straight on image of the decal, the maker and lot number would be necessary to be certain though. Leon.
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    I looked at it and it didn't give me the warm fuzzies either.

    It would be nice if Our Computer Genius Dimas ( I say that with the Awe and Respect that Dimas deserves ) could figure out a way to add a button to click to bring questionable items in the classifieds to a permanent thread or forum for discussion. Something similar to the cap verification forum.

    It is my opinion that it would cut down on some questionable items being posted in the classifieds section.

    A consensus of opinions by our esteemed members would be very reassuring for folks wanting to buy items in our classifieds section.

    It might not be possible but it would be a nice feature.

    Now I will retire to the frige and get another cold beer to continue the fight against the heat of summer.
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    Our classifieds are the cheapest, audience targeted means of selling about. The least we could get sellers to do for items over a certain value is to have them discussed first to establish their bonafides.
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    I put a hold on the helmet in the classifieds until there are a few more thoughts that would support what has already been said regarding helmet authenticity.

    After that..Myself or one of the Mods will delete it.

    The Administration are still working on a viable solution concerning non members usage of the classified section. Your vigilance in cruising the Classifieds for junk and fakes are highly appreciated. If you see something questionable report it.
    We dont want our classifieds to turn into something of an Ebay Platform. We are the WRF..and our standards are higher in what we study to make precise.

    Everything posted Forsale must be authentic unless otherwise specified in the ad write up..... as reproduction or compromised.

    Regards Larry
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    I like brainstorming with other members. It feels good.

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    After discussion, the advertisement has been removed as the decal appears to be a reproduction. This thread will now be closed. Any item can be reviewed by opening a thread such as this one but we would advise a polite approach and to take the step of contacting a moderator beforehand - preferably one with knowledge of the material if possible.

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