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SS helmet,weird type

Article about: Sorry for writing in old topic but i am really suprised that i find that type of helmet in Croatia,why ?? They were only in Germany???? It is not repainted for croatian ww2 army,it is black.

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    Default SS helmet,weird type

    I found this helmet in one cellar near Zagreb-Croatia. It looks to me like parad helmet and i dont know how she get there. In Croatia were some Germans in Banat,and they all were nazis. Maybe from them...

    There are remains of black paint on it,a lot of black paint ,and ribbet hole is near the ventilation hole. Not ww1.

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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    SS runes inside,on other side is i think RZM but in bad condition.

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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    It looks like a post WW I re-issued M-16 or 18 helmet.
    But hard to say without the liner.
    Can't comment on the runes and markings, only thing I can say is that I never saw them before.

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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    This so-called "transitional-style" helmet closely resembles the standard German WW I "trench helmet" ( models 1916, 1917, and 1918 ) insofar that it shares the same general profile as the aforementioned WW I era models, having the distinctive "coal basket" shape, with a long front visor, prominent neck skirt, and external air vent "lugs" ( photo ). However, this EXTREMELY RARE helmet was produced well after 1918 ( ca. 1933-35 ), and was specifically and exclusively procured for the ALLGEMEINE SS. The smoothly polished helmet shell is made of a steel alloy, and then factory-finished in a BLUE-black color. The very smooth finish has a decided "BLUED" appearance, closely mimicking the "blued" finish found on a very fine, expensive firearm ( photo ). The bilateral air vent lugs are the so-called "single-stage" type ( photo ). The right side of the interior of the helmet skirt is ( LIGHTLY ) die-stamped "RZM", within a circle ( photo ), while the opposite side of the skirt is ( LIGHTLY ) die-stamped with double SS sigrunen, also within a circle ( photo ). These stampings are NOT VISIBLE on the exterior surface(s) of the helmet skirt ( photo ). The model 1929 liner system consists of sturdy, carriage-leather liner band which is permanently attached to the helmet shell by three, solid-core RIVETS ( NOT two-tailed split brads ). There are three BLONDE ( goatskin ) leather helmet pads, each with two tongues ( photo ), which are tied together, at their apices, with a length of PERIOD drawstring ( photo ). All three liner pads still have their original "pillows" present, and the blonde goatskin liner is in SUPERB condition! The 20 mm. wide, "Karabiner" style, black leather chinstrap is riveted to the liner, and is stamped "RZM L2/5" ( photo ). The beautifully "BLUED", or "anodized" helmet finish is virtually 100% intact, with only a few VERY SMALL spots of SURFACE rust, chiefly around the bottom edge of the rolled rim ( photo ). The overall condition of this EXTREMELY RARE, and "EARLIEST" ALLGEMEINE SS helmet is absolutely remarkable; being a strong EXCELLENT!!

    i found this on net

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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    Wait for the experts to chip in.
    They have a lot more knowledge in these mathers than I do, and they will be able to confirm or not what you found on the net.

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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    Looks like a rare helmet. They are very expencive when they are in good condition and genuine!


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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    Looks like an original commercially produced RZM helmet, made specifically for the SS in the 1930's, quite rare.

    A shame it is so salty.

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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    Appears to be a relic RZM lid.

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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    I'm leaning towards RZM as well. Thats my most favorite & desired SS helmet of them all! (not this one in particular ) When the time is right, one will land in my collection for sure!


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    Default Re: SS helmet,weird type

    This helmet is like one on your avatar.

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