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SS helmets legit?

Article about: It's weird. I dreamt last night Nowak was on a TV talk show posing as some Internet commerce savant and I was there and confronted him on national tv and he grabbed his papers and fled the T

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    Default SS helmets legit?

    SS helmets legit?
    SS helmets legit?SS helmets legit?SS helmets legit?

    Are any of these helmets ok. They are relatively cheap therefore I am suspicious. Thanks.

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    Circuit advertisement SS helmets legit?
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    Top one i can already tell is a rounded bottom decal fake. The rest I cannot help you with.

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    the worst one may warrant a better look , the rest is dross. Best read Doug's sticky on SS helmets and evaluation.

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    Seems like I've seen that 3rd helmet more than once... Do you know if the owner is trust worthy?

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    Number 3 does look familiar but I don't recall the verdict. I think it stands a chance. The other 2 are very poor fakes. Jim G. (At least all 3 appear to be full sized helmets, at least I think so Ned)

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    Agree, #3 perhaps.

    Edit: AVOID, it is Pawel Nowak. I had a feeling and ran his pics. They are everywhere on classifieds all over the world. $300......
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS helmets legit?  

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    The 1st and 3rd pics are from a fellow from Memphis named Pawel. He wanted only $250 for them. So what is his scam?

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    He does not own the items he sells, always sells for low amounts. Always has the same story about living in poland for some time, doing archaeology or marine biology, blah blah..... He always tells the people he deals with that he lives reasonably close by.... total bull.

    Check this thread for more details;

    Pawel Nowak - How to protect yourself from the scam.

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    Yes, he is a well known con-artist. He will take your money and never mail anything seeing how he doesn't possess or own them.

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    His M-O is simple...find other people's internet photos from of excellent,rare and valuable things like helmets, daggers, etc.....steal their photo-post them for sale as his own throughout the world for real cheap prices....when people send him money to "order" the item, he simply keeps the payment and that's the end of the road. It's next to impossible to recover a scam ripoff from someone around the other side of the world in a country that could care less if some "stupid American got ripped off buying "Nazi stuff" ".

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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