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Ss m40 dd help!

Article about: Thanks for replying! The auction has been closed! So noone will be scammed!

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    Default Ss m40 dd help!

    Hello. I know that this helmet most likely got fake decals, but I need some opions on it so I can use this thread as reference for shutting the auction down.

    It looks like a "rounder"-fake? The auction is up for 5 more days and the price is at the moment $1400 (!). The helmet itself is original. It would be rare as fcuk if original DD m40...

    The seller doesnt want to send more pics... I wouldnt either if I know that it got fake decals. Much easier to just use censored pics...

    Ss m40 dd help!Ss m40 dd help!Ss m40 dd help!Ss m40 dd help!Ss m40 dd help!

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    Both decals are VERY BAD fakes. That is apparent even with these obscured pictures, taken at angles to try to hide the inconvenient truth. The seller is trying to take advantage. If you could shut it down you will be saving some one a fair amount of coin.

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    Thank you mate! As i suspected. Feel bad for the people bidding on it...

    Waffen-SS stålhjälm M35 original på Tradera. Hjälmar | Militära

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    People will never cease to amaze me. And it looks like an M40 also. I would definitely report that item and try to end the auction. This seller is laughing all the way to the bank.

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    Exactly as the others have said terrible fake and someone thats going to con some poor soul out of money. Get it shut down ASAP


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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    I've ofcourse reported it! Let's just hope that the admins remove it! :@

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    +1, looks like the 1970's Japanese fake.

    How much is 10,000 K?

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    "Bad to the bone, bbbbbbbbbay-ed"

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    This one really lets the air out of the tires....just a brutal old fake.

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    Default Re: Ss m40 dd help!

    Just as a matter of interest , anyone having doubts as to the true look of a SS decal, just take a gander at Dougs avatar, the general shape, the break line of the shield, the position of the runes (below the break in this particular type) and the sharp appearance to the bottom of the shield, this should give a person a general indication( especially when dealing with round bottom fakes), the more intricate details, ie the pulver and layered construction have to be examined more closely under magnification, a science in its own right and one that Doug has mastered over the years

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