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SS M40 DD Shell

Article about: The M40 Q DD decals looks ok IMO, but I think the entire helmet always will be questioned by some.... Now the same guy are trying to sell a fake M40 SD Heer......

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    Default SS M40 DD Shell


    Opinions on this one... Probaly bad but just want to be sure!
    Awating better decal pics but you guys can probably see if its bad or not with these pics .

    M40 DD is not the most common type ?

    SS M40 DD ShellSS M40 DD ShellSS M40 DD ShellSS M40 DD Shell

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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    M40 DD are very rare.

    Even from this distance I am not liking the decals.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    Ade is right, M40s with two are rare birds. Can you confirm the lot number, the pic isn't ideal. Also better pics of the decals are a must. It's probably a bad one but it actually looks like the runic decal might have a shot at being a good Q.

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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    Is the placement of the decals more forward than they should be? Looks off from this angle. Anybody else see that? I'm curious to know. That was my first impression when i saw them. I am far from an expert on SS helmets, so let the dudes with the gusto chime in.

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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    Just noticed there looks to be another (SS?) decal under the party shield?

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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    I was thinking the same thing about the party decal, it looks like it was a Heer eagle

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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    Here are two pics of the decals. Indeed it looks like an eagle under the party decal!

    SS M40 DD ShellSS M40 DD Shell

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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    It has a chance. I like what I see so far, but your gonna need better macro shots of both decals. I noticed there is a heer decal peeking from under the party shield, but can't confirm if the heer decal itself is real or not. Its a first for me indeed. Never seen a refurb double decal SS M40 from a heer, interesting, can't wait to hear what Doug thinks of this one. Thanks for sharing!


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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    I forgot to add is, another thing I like about the SS decal it has the typical flaking you see in lots of these Q pattern SS decals.


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    Default Re: SS M40 DD Shell

    A head scratcher for me as well. As Samir said, it does look like a good Q runic shield, and I am also leaning towards good for the party shield. The Heer decal underneath is a new one for me, maybe it was first a Heer, but re-decaled at the factory before shipment to fill a contract with the SS? But then again it appears that there might be a silver decal under the Heer adler? Like Samir, I am interested to hear what the heavy hitters say about this one. Jim G.

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