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SS M40 Q66 (Unique Lot#)

Article about: Here's an interesting SS M40 from my SS collection that I picked up from Dave Shirlin. Some of you might be familiar with this helmet as it came out Bryan's (Foamspoon) collection. Its an SS

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    No debate Samir, good stuff put forward by Brian with lots of great research. But like the lot number, or other idiosyncrasies we see without source documents or wider sample sizes all we can do is build theories and discuss vs debate. No winner or losers in a discussion, debates have winners and losers.
    Absolutely true.

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    LOL, that book was why I had my old forum name, SSTk. Read it a loooong time ago.

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    Default Re: SS M40 Q66 (Unique Lot#)

    LOL! I noticed lots of pages have "SSTK", and all I can think about was your old screen name.

    Its a good read, Doug, but has some errors.

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    UPDATE: Just located the twin to this helmet right here on WRF. =)

    SS M40 Q66 Opinion

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    Although I normally stick to Heer, KM,Luftwaffe and regard lot numbers as a useful tool,I believe this lot number to be correct, my reasoning behind this does'nt allude to existing examples but a straight forward, possible explaination,if you notice ,the heavy strike 'C' is equal top and bottom the lighter '0' has extended curve from the bottom towards the top,undoubtedly if the same '0' was used for both strikes then the lighter strike would be evident more so than the C, but this is not the case,there is a distinct difference in both strikes ,I would suggest therefore that the 0 is a misstrike not the C, if this makes sense

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    We will never know for sure if it's an actual "C" prefix or just the result of a broken stamping die. It will remain one of many mysteries of the German helmet.

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    That's my point ,if it was a broken die, then both strikes would be the same whether it be a heavy or light strike,but the most logical conclusion, is that to either create a C or a 0, the same stamp would be used at the time

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    I've always wondered if batch number 0407 exist, if yes, would love to see pics. According to Brian's lot number book at least one does.

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    I think most of us agree that we are working from probabilities and likelihoods with many aspect of German helmet collecting, as the original factory documentation is in most cases missing. As such, I would venture to say that supposition and theory can be found in most books on the topic.

    I listed the apparent C407 as 0407 for several reasons:
    -No other C prefix has been seen to my knowledge (other than more C407's). If the C prefix was being used as a legitimate prefix, many more numbered examples would certainly be known. (kind of like the 'factory produced' SE M40 SD SS helmet; only one has ever been seen, so was this 'very rare' single helmet factory produced or field-PW modified?)

    -Other three digit lot numbers are preceded by a 0, which is seen with other German helmet firms as well. So the idea of this number with a 0 prefix would be consistent with other known examples.

    Another example is the supposed 'I N' or 'T N' markings on some Quist M40's. Miisstrikes of the DN marking and not legitimate prefixes by themselves, IMO.

    Samir, the phrase "we will never know for sure" never set well with me. I sounds almost 'defeatist'. As a German helmet researcher, I try to remain positive even in the face of insurmountable odds. Circumstance are known to change rapidly. Case in point, someone on WAF once told me that 'you will never know for sure that your M45/ventless helmet exists'. Once I posted Ken N.'s COA on that helmet, then it suddenly existed.

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    I hear what your saying Brian, and probabilities are good, but you can't just go on a probability as a fact. Yes, we will never know for sure, at least not until those factory paperwork surface, if they ever do that is.

    As far as SE SS helmets, i've seen more than one legitimate example (maybe 2, or 3). The SE SS's i've seen were textbook examples. Kelly Hicks had one for sale on his site, and I came close to buying it. Unfortunately it was out of my budget at the time.

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