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Ss m42

Article about: Woo Hoo, I've been moved! To the upside of town, Cheers Doug. Phill

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    Default Ss m42

    G'day one and all, Many Moons pass no speakum,have been very busy of late but it's nice to pop back for a look see I don't think this thread was even here last time i was on, so i thought i'd contribute, i have posted this lid before but it probably hasn't surfaced for awhile and sadly it's one of two that i have left as i have sold off all the others,..sadly..but shit happens as they say, hope you like.

    Cheers Phill.Ss m42Ss m42Ss m42Ss m42Ss m42Ss m42

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    Hi Phill!
    Long time for sure, good to hear from you again. I like the lid - decal looks like its always been there, not applied later on.
    I know there will be naysayers but any SS creates doubt in the first instance........
    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    im sorry but i find relic decals hard. but the onlything i can add is the break on the right of decal look soft. but to me the break at bottem looks ok

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    G'day Dan, Geelong, yes it has been along time!! and let the Naysaying commence LOL if it's not genuine i think it deserves an A+ for effort, but as i said i have posted it before and didn't get any Red flags,looks real to me, i think maybe one of those USB microscopes could tell more but alas i don't own one.

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    If it's a fake it's a damned good one! I like it!

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    Nice one

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    I say a good one. It looks honest, and seems to be an ET decal. Can you see the shell markings, even just a partial where you can see the font type?

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    G'day Mate , Nah can't see squat, even with a jewellers eye-loop, too coroded i'm afraid.


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    Looks like a good ckl. I'm not huge into relics but I see no prep area or red flags with the decal itself so you more than likely got a been there done that SS relic mate.

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    Well if you think it's a goodun Doug,we'll say no more and thanks for your ckl id and for your reply, besti make a nice new display case :-) Cheers Phill

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