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Ss m42

Article about: G'day Guys i came across this very interesting lid i thought you might like to see. It"s a CKL64 #2871 the decal has been painted over, as described by the owner he's not quite sure why

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    Excellent reply William, I learn something new everytime i come on here, Cheers,

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    hello gent's, just a comment on the german bloodline to be in the SS. it was my understanding that there were many non germans in the SS , especially later in the war. even Russian SS and Muslums too. i found some info on line about the german-polish that served under the supervision of the SS in poland. not sure if that helps understand the polish involvement with the SS or not. but here is the link.
    Polish Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht and Auxiliary Forces during WWII
    i found this explenation of who is polish very interesting too.
    The catch here is, what exactly does "Polish" mean? Before World War I, there was no Poland, which was divided between Germany, Russia and Austria. After World War I a state of Poland was born from territories of these three countries. Because of the way the new borders were drawn, some Poles lived in Germany and a significant number of Germans lived in Poland. There were also communities of Germans throughout eastern Europe, and these ethnic Germans with foreign citizenships were called "Volksdeutschen". So, could there have been any "Polish" men in the SS? No. If by "Polish" we mean ethnic Poles. But if by "Polish" we mean anyone who grew up in Poland and could speak Polish, then yes, and they were the ethnic Germans raised in Poland.
    it's all clear as mud now right ?

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