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SS M42 for review

Article about: It's tough to determine the finish of this helmet via photos. It should be the same finish as the ET M40s. ET started using a different paint when they started coding their helmets 'ckl'.

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    Default SS M42 for review


    I have been collecting ww2 bayonets, belts ect for a while but need some opinion on that what this is worth.

    SS M42 helmet from my friend and he wants to sell it.
    He got it from his grandfather over 25 years ago and just recently found that he still has it. Since he has no interest keeping it, he asked me to sell it. He also has a nice luftwaffe helmet, but this is for another thread.
    Helmet is from Norway.

    Numbers inside: ET66 and 2515.
    On the chin strap: 1942.
    Inside liner: F59N43


    SS M42 for reviewSS M42 for reviewSS M42 for reviewSS M42 for reviewSS M42 for reviewSS M42 for reviewSS M42 for reviewSS M42 for review


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    I may very well be all wrong here but that looks more like a sticker than an actual decal to me... wait for other opinions of course

    also, looks like it has been applied over rust/straight onto bare steel ---

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    M42 with a wanna-be Pocher, not a good one. Real Pocher SS decals do not go on M42's (unless field applied on the very rare reverse decal configuration helmets where the Pocher is typically applied over a Police Adler to convert a Combat Police helmet to an SS helmet), but the decal on this one is a very bad fake. This one isn't worth much at all (nothing to me!). Jim G.

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    Factory produced ET marked SS helmets using the M42 shell are exceedingly rare in the collecting world. I know of not a single confirmed example. They essentially do not show up at all in the lot number lists. Why is this the case? Who knows. Maybe most of them were sent to the Russian Front leaving almost none for western collectors? Heer and Luft helmets by far dominate the ET marked M42 series with so few KM and Field Police that those few helmets may have been field modified.

    Thus, any purported ET marked M42 factory SS helmet should be exposed to extreme scrutiny.

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    Great point Brian, the foremost red flag that I overlooked! It is bad none the less!

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    Thank you very much guys. Is the fake decal only bad thing about it or is there something else?
    What was the original decal for it? Police?

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    Doesn't look like the decal been on the helmet for 25 years but I could be wrong. Any close-ups of the decal? Would like to see what type of fake Pocher this one is.


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    This is the closest I have now.SS M42 for review

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    Allan, thanks for the close-up shot.

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    I think it looks like it has been repainted as well --- either that or someone's used thinner or something looking for a decal underneath the paint, there's places showing the paint having been "thinned" out around/underneath the SS repro-sticker and also sporadically throughout the exterior. This finish certainly looks really thin and fresh to my eyes..

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