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Ss m42 se 66

Article about: Ok, I know bad Iphone shots, but i thought Id just put them out there... M42 SS SE66 The batch number and maker number are both stamnped on the rear of the skirt, textured finish......decal

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    Yeh I went in there last week to look at his helmets, just for reference and they all had something that had been messed with....Big surprise was a good 3 peice LS gladiator, but the 550 buck price tag was insane

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    The price of ALL militaria in this country is insane full stop.
    And retailers wonder why the smart operators shop off shore.
    Sad but true fact.
    Cheers fella's

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    Only problem with buying overseas is the waiting !!! Been waiting 3 weeks for my HJ knife from Germany!!!!!

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    good things are def worth the wait!

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    I happily wait the two or so weeks.

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    Think of it this way, that HJ knife has been waiting 65 years for YOU, another 2 weeks won't matter.

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    I went back to the dealer and told him I'd pass on the SS lid.....he said, " oh that one, I don't blame you, I wouldn't sell it to you anyway....I'm not happy with it.....I got duped by it, my and learn hey!"

    So at least he has admitted his mistake....

    The HJ knife arrived while I was out, so gotta go pik it up in a coupla hours from the post office!!!!

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    If he didn't wish to sell it to you why did he give you a price to begin with?
    I bet if you said OK he would have rushed out back and boxed it up for you and took your cash.
    Cheers mate
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    Good to see your HJ blade turn up.
    Please post some pic's of her.

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    Yeh your probaly right, but I have been lucky with the items I have purchased......I'll go back in a year and it still will be there......buyer beware....Maybe he was all excited as well, but it has slowly dawned on him it's bad.....

    Pics of the HJ knife I will do in the HJ forum......can't wait

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