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ss relic helmet

Article about: Hello guys ....please can you give your yes or no....opinion about this relic helmet i want to buy.Is it a good one ?

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    Default ss relic helmet

    Hello guys ....please can you give your yes or no....opinion about this relic helmet i want to buy.Is it a good one ?ss relic helmetss relic helmetss relic helmet

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    Hi, do you know if this is this a CKL made helmet? I think it stands a chance if it is as the decal appears to be an ET/CKL made decal. The soft breaks and runic placement look ok from here. It does not look as though it has been placed on previously rusted steel and I think I can see a "metallic" element showing up in the image of the decal. Possibly a good one. Leon.
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    Thx for your answer Leon... really don,t know if its a ckl helmet.On the inside stands a number and other words ? But the rust made it impossible to read.

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    Yes i can think maybe I read ckl on the pic.

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    anyone else a opinion ?....I am always happy with your yes or no.w kind regards Pat

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    I agree with Leon. There is a level of age crazing / cracking to the decal that is almost impossible to replicate.

    Regards, Dan
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    Thank you very much Dan.Regards Pat

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    Ckl maker with a legit ET pattern SS decal. My compliments.


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    Going to have to play devil's advocate here guys.

    (1) The 2 vertical scrapes to the decal look odd to me, no-where else on this lid are there similar damages that I can see.
    (2) The multiple small scratches to the decal (some slightly curved) odd no?
    (3) The rust is red, recently cleaned or...?
    (4) What of the decal construction, where is the celluloid base?

    Not wanting to start a fight here but certainly wanting to raise certain points for discussion.

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    Perhaps the fellow wearing the helmet was "Blown" across a span of some sort and was knocked a bit about.. The defense of a shallow trench was no match ?? Scratches and being a "Relic" ?? Are we forensic scientists now ??? Just my two cents... G
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