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SS RZM marked helmet chinstrap

Article about: Hello I was wondering if RZM made SS marked chinstraps ever during the war. I have seen a few examples one of which was in Kelly Hicks book on SS helmets. What sort of mark would have been m

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    Bill Shea is a honest man from what I've heard. I'm sure he wouldn't pass off something unworthy.

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    Here is a of the marking on the chin strap when I get more time I will post the full helmet. The liner is also named it is in script and is hard to read all I can make out is his last name was berg. The strap is marked SS 42/40 with the RZM mark last
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That chinstrap looks kinda 'new', it still has the fuzz on it. You sure of it's provenance?

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    Yes I am sure it has some age but the helmet overall is not very worn it is almost mint the only wear to it is the liner and some of the paint

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    I am interested to hear others thoughts

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    Doug & Kelly Hicks are the people you need to speak to. They have studied, and handled these SS RZM stamped chinstraps. Hopefully one of them will chime in soon. Just be patient.


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    Thanks I am not really sure what to look into this is the first I have seen

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    Well I've looked into some ss marked helmet chin straps the only one I have seen is the example in SS steel by Kelly Hicks, that one was produced by Carl Tesch in 1938 which I believe is most likely the same time this strap was produced

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    Hi all, I thought I would try and revive this thread somewhat after just recently learning thanks to Doug B, That these SS/RZM or SS VA chinstraps did actually exist. I always thought they were fantasy reproduction items. Does anyone have any more info & or photos of originals to compare or info on configuration of stamps/markings etc?

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    This strap is a reproduction. The SS VA strap is not runic nor RZM marked. I have in my files a pic of the SS runic stamped strap unfortunately not on my iPad. I'll try to post the SS VA marked strap, I have 3 or maybe 4 remaining in my dwindling collection of SS helmets.

    On this strap note the runes are not symmetrical? The 42/40 is a fantasy RZM number as well to my knowledge, that would date the strap to 1940 and they were not known to be embossed or marked then, in particular by RZM codes.

    The straps were not bought separately by the service branch but were a part of the helmets hardware. It would be like seeing liners and split pins also marked SS/RZM and makes no sense.

    The SS VA embossed straps are all Carl Tesch Berlin 1937 or 1938, my fading memory recalls seeing a 39.

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