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Ss sd m40 relic (project)

Article about: Cheers chaps! I'm very pleased with it! Andy

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    Default Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    Hi Chaps. I have been trying to decide if I should post this thread or not as I am aware that everyone has their own opinion on the restoration of relic helmets. Some prefer to leave them as found and some like to sex them up a wee bit. I must admit that I usually like to leave them alone but I made a few additions to this one that I hope enhance this helmet.

    I bought this shell from the E stand of another well known forum. The seller bought it in 2001 from the SOS Military show in the USA. The story was that it was dug in Caen. Before purchasing it, I sent pictures of it to a number of our Forum buddies who specalise in SS decals to confirm it was original. The shell is very solid, no dents, cracks or holes. The ET maker can still be read but the lot number has been lost to pitting. I soaked it in oxalic acid for about 1 & 1/2 hours and brushed it with a house hold paintbrush to loosen any rust. This revealed a lot more of the decal.

    I shopped about for quite a while to find a liner and chinstrap in similar condition to the shell and fitted them. The liner is complete but is tired and has been treated. You will see from the photos that I tried two different chinstraps. I eventually chose the strap with the rusty buckle as it was in closer condition to the helmet. I don't know what order the pictures will come out but you will see the shell before and after the oxalic acid bath.

    I think that the addition of the liner and chinstrap compliment the shell but could be easily removed. I would be interested to hear your views.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ss sd m40 relic (project)   Ss sd m40 relic (project)  

    Ss sd m40 relic (project)   Ss sd m40 relic (project)  

    Ss sd m40 relic (project)   Ss sd m40 relic (project)  

    Ss sd m40 relic (project)   Ss sd m40 relic (project)  

    Ss sd m40 relic (project)   Ss sd m40 relic (project)  

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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    Very nice job, it goes together perfectly. I think you've improved it no end. Well done that man. Thanks for posting.

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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    Super job and sensitively done. Top marks !

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    I like it. Got no problems with sexing up a lid that can pull it off like this one can. I say superb job!

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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    I see no problem with adding on things that are easily able to come off. I put original drawstrings in a couple of my helmets. Very nice!

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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    Obviously, to the purists there will be some reluctance to accept that this is an original relic now that there are add ons, but as you state these can come off easily enough and if you come to sell i see nothing wrong provided you endorse that fact, i like the sympathetic way its been done and if its for your own enjoyment all the better

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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    Hi Guys and thanks for your comments. I took time in choosing the liner and chin strap that were as nackered as the shell. There is nothing worse that parts added to a helmet that stick out like a sore thumb. I am always mindful of the old phrase " You can't polish a turd!" and thus, I didn't want to turn this into an obvious Frankenstein.

    I have added to this helmet for my own collection. If I ever sell it, I will of course advise that the additions are not original to the shell. (as I have in this thread). As for the purists, they can simply remove the liner and strap if prefered.

    Cheers again Chaps!!

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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    You must collect in a way that is in your comfort zone. A nice job on your part.


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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    Ditto, I too think the work you have done complements this helmet
    quite nicely. 'Restoring' helmets in this way is a good thing, IMO,
    but when something is made to cheat and decieve,
    that is where it is wrong..........!


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    Default Re: Ss sd m40 relic (project)

    hi , class job, well done,,,cheers paul

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