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Waffen SS Camo Helmet Cover

Article about: Hey guys my friend offererd me this helmetcover. He wants \\$45 for it. He got it at an antique shop. IT looks like at least original material to me. he sent me one photo and he said he can se

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    Quote by waffenrock42 View Post
    well the reason he wants to get rid of it is because he is a reenactor and it does not fit his helmet. He wants $45 so he can pick up one of S&m wholesales repro helmet covers. He knows it could be a fake and so do i but we want to help eachother out. i get a helmet cover with a small chance its orig and he gets a repro he needs. i think its a fair deal. when in person it seems to be made out of original material at least. He said he will take lots more photos this week. so don't be so quick to jump to conclusions
    Simple test, if it's made out of original duck cloth turn it upside down under a tap fill it halfway with water. It will turn almost black where wet and in about a minute become almost fully waterproof.

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    Thanks doug ill try that when i get it and let you know what happens

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    Hey guys i ended up getting the cover. We ended up doing a trade that worked out well. And i tried what doug said to try and it did exactly that. My only concern is that the camouflage on it seems not to have been colorfasted and the colors have seemed to blend a little and fade. Were the camo colors on the covers colorfasted? i heard they were but i could be wrong. i will post lots of pics later on.

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    The inks used for printing these were colourfast.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Quote by davejb View Post
    Oh my god, just imagine when they start riding motor bikes and wearing a different helmet every day just to be cool, wont they be the envy of their mates
    Dave, don't talk that way I bet Doug's left arm is going numb now & his blood pressure is going to cause him to stroke out.

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    Yes Ade is corrrect. Of course it could be postwar duck cloth with incorrect print methods. BTW my middle son has a motorcycle he just bought so when the snow melts I can well imagine what he might be wearing....

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    i did some research and colorfast was not invented until 1955. according to the beaver book "Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-SS: A Photographic Reference " SS camouflage was not color fasted. I had a friend look at it who is a another collector and he says the material is good and the material is definantly original i compared it to an oak smock he had and it was spot on in. He said he could have a few more people look at it but all i know now is that the material and camo is original. I will post better pictures tomorrow. it looks much different in person than in the pic i posted. that was taken at night in unatural lighting and by a cell phone so not the best combo for pics LOL. even if it is fake at least i have original material

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    Still waitin for those better pics...

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