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Article about: I think the overal shape of those skulls are different Maybe this last cut is simillar but those skulls have different shape. The teeth on the silver for sure fake skull on the right side ar

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    The skull on this cap is a fake
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    Have you informed them Sid ?

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    It says it is sold - hope the new owner reads this post......
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    I just sent the email..
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    He thinks It's original (of course).
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    Peter Whammond is one of the good dealers in this business. As none of us is infallible, he can also error. If you politely tell him what is wrong with an item, he will listen and respond if he agrees.


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    i have a very good history with Peter Whamond.

    i've been buying from him off and on for years. not to get into the various stories of that history here, but he has to be one of the most conscientious dealers out there. absolutely.

    as far as the skull is concerned, i am not comfortable with it either and anyway, i would always defer to carlsson1982's vastly superior experience in this area.

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    I also had some business with him and he's always a good man, but If you were the one that paid a huge amount for this cap, you would of course want It to be Original in all It's aspect.

    It's a good copy, but has a feature on the front that I recognize immediately.
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    Kind Regards,

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    The shape of the left cheek looks odd to (that's just comparing the two photos you posted though)

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    These are originals. Sharp details and hasn't that typical feature.
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    Kind Regards,

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