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Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

Article about: No, I am wondering on a price to offer. I believe that similar ones go around \\$200-\\$300. He asked for an offer, so I will probably ask him what he thinks and go off that. I will feel guilty

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    Default Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    Hello, I'm new here and have a question. I a starting out collector, and have come across a totenkopf badge/pin on craigslist (it's a treasure trove!)

    I believe it is authentic, but I would like a second opinion. If so I was wondering what a suitable price would be, as the poster does not seem to have any background knowledge on the item.

    Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    ww2 skull pins

    (also if anyone could tell me how to insert pictures directly that would be great )
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    Circuit advertisement Craigslist Totenkopf badge?
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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    Hi Mate
    I would as for better pictures because when people post poor quality photos on supposed "exotic" items such as the TK skull it normally means they are trying to hid something, poor detail on item or reproduction casting marks. ask for the better photos first and repost them here.


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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    just noticed the price, either it is a blatant fake or the person has no idea what it is, i would say its a fake for 1$ because anybody can find out how much they cost and anybody can make up a story.


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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    This may help with pic posting........... New picture posting feature - How to guide ! welcome to the forum.

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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    Yeah, Craigslist can be dangerous but you never know; you really need better pictures though- at least one that's clear. I had a real Totenkopf myself some years ago that was gray zinc with copperish prongs, so at least these don't appear on first glance to be obvious fakes. For a buck or five, it might just be worth taking a chance- it's not unrealistic to expect this guy has no clue what they are and no idea how to research them or no inclination to do so; calling them skull badges suggests he really doesn't know anything and why bother to sell a fake for nothing on Craigslist and not even describe it properly?
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    People put $1 on their ads when they are looking for offers. I guess they think they have to list a price so they put $1. Everytime I have seen that on CL the seller will say on the narrative to make an offer.

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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    Yes I probably should. I emailed him for some more pics of the items in question. I take it that he doesn't have an idea for a price, posters also do that on craigslist to catch your attention. Supprisingly he is taking offers, so that backs up that he may not know a price.

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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    I agree that for 1$ its worth taking a chance, but i would have it looked at by the community when it arrives.
    When compering it to others there as some differences, such as indentations on the bones and the jaw shape is a bit different.


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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    *thanks Eric

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    Default Re: Craigslist Totenkopf badge?

    did you get it?

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