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EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.

Article about: Gentlemen: going through some things I came across this skull that someone gave me long ago. I forgot all about it (it was not with the other militaria). I don't think it is original but I w

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    Default Re: EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.

    Quote by Srdj View Post
    I see. The skull is a known fake. Perhaps it is to you. I thought this forum was a place to learn.
    Odd comment as you have learned that this is a known pattern fake. I have never encountered a RZM marked jawless skull.


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    Curious. Where did I learn that this was a known pattern fake? Pray tell.

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    Why did they have an RZM stamp ? Were they later produced?
    Yes I guess around '33-'34. Here's an example of the skull in question.
    Attached Images Attached Images EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful. 

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    EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.and another one..

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    Default Re: EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.

    carlsson1982 is correct about this "M1/25" and RZM marked skull.

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with being "a complete novice" in the subject at hand. nothing wrong at all and absolutely no shame in it.

    but having described oneself this way, one is in a difficult spot to take offense with respect to an opinion coming from a member with the kind of stature that carlsson1982 has earned. he knows of what he speaks.

    we can't take it personally, but all must do what we can to wage this constant battle against fakes doing what we can to insure that we are made the better for having encountered one or owned one in our own collections.

    it is what we are ALL here for... experts, novices and everyone inbetween.

    we are all made better for the experience.

    if there is any silver lining to the fake item, it is this.

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    Default Re: EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.

    I think both skulls posted by Carlsson are orginal.
    They have all important elements to recognize them as orginal.
    The first one have natural black patin (yes patin is also black not only green) and green colour patin in connection points of pins to main body (I saw this effect many times) on dugs.
    I perssonaly hate to recognize first pattern skulls as a fake or orginal.
    Sometimes it is very hard and I made also mistake.
    Sid you have right witch this Danziger skull .
    This skull is orginal.
    I was wrong.
    I analyzed many times those pics witch this skull and compared them to another pics of same type skull.
    It is exactly what you wrote.

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    Default Re: EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.

    Well do learn some more on the first skull posted, look at the picture's. It's clearly a molded piece full of casting flaws.
    (p.s the skulls I've posted above are not my property, just databasepic's)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.  

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    Default Re: EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.

    Well spotted carrson1982. I like to learn too and never noticed these imperfections. Its a constant game of spot the difference.

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    Default Re: EARLY SS Eagle. Doubtful.

    Agreed. Good pointers.

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