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Is it fake?

Article about: I know I know and I rememeber what you wrote. This was a joke. Good Night (:

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    You have to be joking. A zinc Overhoff badge sold for USD 1600? That is utterly absurd. Or was it a cupal badge?

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    Zinc not cupal ! $1351 plus 20% buyers fee on emedals

    Germany, SS. A Second Pattern (1934-1945) Visor Skull by Overhoff & Cie, Ludenscheid

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    In contrast, this fine RZM marked Danziger by Steinhauer & Lück, Ludenscheid sold on the same website for a fraction of the cost, $335 plus 20%.

    Is it fake?Is it fake?
    Is it fake?Is it fake?

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    Such buyers with bottomless pockets I suspect are investors rather than collector "enthusiasts". The same phenomena has also occurred in the market for classic cars and motorcycles, among other things.

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    Thanks. I have no wish to belabor an old saw that hardly interests me.

    So much for the grandees and others who tell us that the SS market is dead.

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    I came across another Overhoff in good condition for considerably less than the last one I posted. It looks 100% correct to me but posted it nonetheless for more opinions. Thank you, Al

    Is it fake?Is it fake?

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    Missing FB on these matters..

    Wishing him the best...and wishing he would return...

    Aldo,, I can't comment on authenticity on the last item you posted but there will be others with as much shared knowledge as FB that will I am sure will contribute...


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    FB always signed off Damit, Basta..
    ( roughly translated " that's that! )

    Maybe for him, That is finally That...?
    " I used to be indecisive but now I'm not quite sure "

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    It s a thumbs up in my book Al. Compare it to the one discussed in this previous thread. Best regards.


    Zinc Overhoff M1/24 Skull - Opinions, please?

    I don't want to get into too much mumbo-jumbo here but if you look at the bottom jawline you can see vertical striations in the metal, that's indicative of a die stamped piece which of course is how these would of been produced. And all the other characteristics of an Overhoff skull are there as well good detail right prongs right attachment method etc. I'd go for it if the price point is there.

    Is it fake?

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    Thanks Brian, I agree. I've actually developed a better eye on these skulls but always ask for confirmation because of the high cost. Smitty and Danmark, I too miss FB and his colorful comments. He is a real asset to the forum. thanks guys.

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