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Is it fake?

Article about: I know I know and I rememeber what you wrote. This was a joke. Good Night (:

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    The Snyder site contains a nice display of fake badges; I deal with Bill Shea often, and have found many nice things from him which I have shown here; I do not know the others. As Mr. Carlsson notes, with these things, you have to know what you are doing, and that task is made easier through this site. In absolute terms, however, you cannot become expert without actually handling a lot of real material over a long time. There is no short cut, no magic way to eradicate the obstacles to success.

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    That is correct, but the well-known "trustable" sites are giving a refund and that is fine. I know the snyders site has A LOT of fakes, but I can see sometimes authentic pieces between the rest and that is what I am looking for. In fact I already bought something from that website in the past, that's why I 'd say that you should know what you're looking for.
    For the newcomer I would say to post the picture's of the items before you buy It.
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    Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Thanks for the above, which manifests the reality that generalizations are always problematic and differ from one person to the other. I am principally an enemy of lists, which in my native country are a fetish and a crutch for those less willing to do the hard work of analysis and comparison.
    Nor does one have to rehash the thumbs up and thumbs down of dealers thingy, which is endless and also quite pointless.
    I note with interest the fact that the much reviled dealer has real material, and I also observe that the "trusted" dealers sometimes and, more than I like, in fact, goof up and are reluctant to make amends.
    There is no need for me to regale innocent people with my own experiences, but even with those whom I recommend, I have had more than one problem.

    Hritz in another decade made a catalog of these little devils that I thought was a pretty sound reference, and but his dictionary of "sculls" was wiped away by some server failure early in the last decade. He no longer posts much here, which is very sad, because, in my experience, he wrote with much authority and had the items to prove his points. No one else has made such a catalog of any merit since.
    We have a lot of real material here, but there is no substitute to having these things in hand to see how they look in different light, even how much they weigh, but I do not collect these things loose, save in the desperate attempt to restore a cap.
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    Another issue that makes the "scull" thing problematic is the divergence between a.) the level of ambition of certain savants evident in their statements about the past and b.) the more or less total incapacity of just these very persons to offer much concrete evidence from primary sources about these things. Recently, Mr. d'Alquen and Mr. Wim have shown us revolutionary documents of the epoch which are very helpful to the chronology of any analysis.
    We have to clear away the obscurantism that goes with these little pieces of brass alloy and aluminum plated copper and whatever or merely capitulate to the irrational and to the insane.

    See: Obscurantism - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
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    Is it fake?This item, for instance, is a real primary source from Mr. Wim's magic cave, a document that embodies subtle knowledge about cap badges.

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    For those who post unknown items here, do look at this thread first.

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    May I repeat what I said a few months ago. And for those who look in here with the aim to disrupt and mislead, think first before you begin something you cannot finish.....
    My warm thanks to the proprietors for their order and discipline here so we may all learn in freedom from fear and doubt.

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    Is it fake?Is one of these people thinking to themselves about the number embossed on the back of the insignia shown on black caps in this scene in 1938 at Wolfsburg? Is it fake?

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    Is it fake?Is anyone here thinking about cap insignia?

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    Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?

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