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Is it fake?

Article about: I know I know and I rememeber what you wrote. This was a joke. Good Night (:

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    It is a cast piece indeed.

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    Many thanks. I did think that it was dodgy and a cast but just wanted another opinion. Many thanks.

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    Many thanks for confirming my suspiciouns. It was a pound so thought it was worth a go. I have been collecting for years but not as badges. I tend to steer clear and stick to documents and equipment.

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    Is this a good example of the late war unmarked 3 prong skulls as discussed in the thread below ?

    Controversial SS cap skull: 3 edge prong design

    Is it fake?Is it fake?

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    Winkelmann will come along and speak to the task. I read all the posts as how this is a fake and so forth.
    I will leave this self-licking ice cream cone to the real savants, which I am not.

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    I'm still interested in confirming that the skull I posted above is authentic but I also ran across another one on Bill Shea's site listed as a late war unmarked example that I would like to clarify. It's described as missing both prongs but in fact it is the same type of three prong skull with the horizontal line marks on the back.

    Is it fake?Is it fake?

    Is it fake?Is it fake?

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    Thanks, boss, I agree. I do not wish to engage the self-licking ice cream cone associated with this badge, but Winkelmann showed the item with wartime insignia made in occupied western Europe, and that cuts it for me, too.

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    Thank you both for your opinions. I know it's redundant but I was leery despite seeing evidence of wartime use and extensive discussions on the subject.

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    Default Ss cup

    Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?Is it fake?

    Hi again!

    Statistically i know the answer ( ) but just to be sure...

    Thank you for your help and goodwill!

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