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Article about: I'd need help on this one, I guess it's fake but I still wish to know your thoughts on this one... the back "pins" seem off, no?

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    Default Fake?

    I'd need help on this one, I guess it's fake but I still wish to know your thoughts on this one... the back "pins" seem off, no?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fake?   Fake?  

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    What do you mean?

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    Quote by Nemara View Post
    What do you mean?
    Please & Thank you.

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    Yes it's a fake cast. This is the type you see selling on ebay all the time. You have to keep looking at threads on skulls in order to familiarize yourself with authentic pieces. This is what a 499/41 Zimmermann should look like.

    Regards, Al





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    Aldo, thank you for taking time answering... I am new to war relics and this forum, and I was so excited to know about the authenticity of this one or how to determine that, that I kinda forgot to be "polite" and say Please & Thank you in advance. I was looking around first and saw the other original skulls were different so I thought it couldnt be real but had to ask anyway because I saw this one on an online auction. Also, sorry if my english isn't too good, it's my second language.

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    Please and thank you go a long around here, to keep this forum friendly and courteous.
    Also the SS never used round prongs on TK's or eagles.
    There are many great threads devoted to these items, I'd suggest reading old posts.
    They can teach you a lot.
    Welcome to the Forum.
    Cheers Chris

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    This one was a little better than most fakes out there. As a rule the first thing I look for in a fake is the top upper lip. Alway look between the top row of teeth and the nose cavity. When that looks to long it gives a “mulish” appearance to the piece, as the case with this one.

    These fakes are getting better though and I would have been fooled as a newbie. So, try comparing your fake to Aldos photos. That lip in particular, is difficult for counterfeiters to master because as the casted fakes cool, the core in the center will be warped as the metal cools around it. They will never get it right and know this. Real TK’s were stamped out on sheets of metals with machinery and stamps that you can’t find today.

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    oh well, don't get discouraged. The hunt goes on

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    thank you, indeed it does^^

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