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Identification m1/52 Skull

Article about: by run271167 So this is most likely fake huh? IMHO , yes ( cast fake ) ..

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    Default Identification m1/52 Skull

    Hey guys, It seems i already pissed one person off because he thought i was just here to get value on everything and that i didnt thank anyone but if you check my posts i always thank everyone. Honestly im just trying to gain some knowledge because i really dont know much about these things but heres a m1/52 skull i found was wondering if anyone knew about it? If you have time to check it out then thank you if not no problem. Have a good night!
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    Sorry about the sideways pics. When i upload them there correct but i cant seem to fix it.

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    A cast copy imho

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    Better pictures in daylight would be good.

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    Better picture's indeed are needed, but I think It's a copy only from the "bigger" attachments here.
    Kind Regards,

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    Quote by Niederlande View Post
    A cast copy imho
    Alright Thank You

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    Quote by carlsson1982 View Post
    Better picture's indeed are needed, but I think It's a copy only from the "bigger" attachments here.
    Ok Thank You Very Much

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    Where was it found.........?


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    Photo position has been adjusted
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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Photo position has been adjusted

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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Where was it found.........?

    Storage auction. took some of the stuff to an expert and some stuff authentic and some stuff not so not sure.

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    So this is most likely fake huh?

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