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Likely Real not fake?

Article about: I am now the owner of the better looking one of the 2! Good choise. To prevent further oxidation of the known Assmann skull, you'd better oil It up with WD40 or wax It. That's what I always

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    Default Likely Real not fake?

    Hi Fellas,

    I found these totenkopf badges on a website and was considering the 'busted up one".

    As can be seen it is marked RZM 499/41. I understand this number has been used on Bad or fake totenkopfs' but to me this one looks pretty real due to the obvious holes, broken pins etc.

    The other one is marked GES GESCH. as you all know, E. W. Assmann & Söhne. The photos are a bit hazy so not too sure about this, even though the rear of the badge looks fairly kosher?



    Likely Real not fake?Likely Real not fake?Likely Real not fake?Likely Real not fake?

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    Circuit advertisement Likely Real not fake?
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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    those are both originals.
    Kind Regards,

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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    Sid pls dont sit all time by internet and give chance others to post as first their opinions (: (: (:
    Both skulls are orginals. (: (: (:
    One Zimmerman one Assman.
    Toffster pls stay away from SS skulls for some time (:
    This is infectious and expensive hobby esspecialy in Australia ( I think)
    If I have possibilities to living in Australia I will spending whole day surfing.
    During weekends I will fly to Samoa or other small islands to penetrate them witch metal detector for Japs artefacts.
    Yeah only me and wild islands- what a journey (: (:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Likely Real not fake?   Likely Real not fake?  

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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    Hi Sid and Peter,

    Much appreciated the affirmation of the 2 x badges. I am now the owner of the better looking one of the 2!

    Peter you are right not to get too involved with these little demons! I think that is it for a while.....hopefully!!! I guess it is better to spend on a hobby than a woman?! ;.)

    It is very expensive from Australia, especially the packaging and posting to here. Although it is worth it in the long term.At least these should appreciate, not like shares/stocks at the moment!!

    Metal detecting in the islands such as New Guinea isn't too well recieved unfortunately. Australia has interests there as well as war dead and it is I am pretty sure illegal....though not 100% on that. Also it is far nicer to do metal detecting in a European paddock than a steaming jungle!

    Thanks again guys.

    All the best,


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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    Nice pick up Dave, congrats

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    Could someone explain the reasons why they collect these ground dug SS cap insignia please?

    Don't get me wong, I find them to be fascinating but IMO the prices being asked for them are quite ludicrous and are only based on the equaly ludicrous prices of their much better condition counterparts that were meant to be on hats but are now mostly displayed on little stands of perspex or in framed display cases.

    Once they are taken out of the ground, sold and the information lost of where they where found/when and by whom, does that not defeat the whole object of these discoveries?
    I'm honestly interested because I find relics from, for example, an FW190 crash site much more desirable and interesting yet such fragments that are the same size, weight as a corroded SS TK, are not worth anything, maybe a few euros at the most.

    It's all very curious to me because a crash site can be traced, the pilot's name researched, the history known.

    A single TK cap badge dug up from the battlefields of who knows where is more desirable because?

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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    Hi Ben
    The reason is very siimple
    Im not collecting only dugs.
    But if someone offered me a dug Of course I buy it
    Im always asking about the history of this dug ,where was founded, how many years ago in witch circumstances i I like to know everything .
    Belive me or not Im not only manacs of skull.
    Im maniac of history
    And if someone will show me a place of crashed FW 190 it is same enjoyment as if someone show me a skull.
    About prices of skull im thinking they are overpriced but the antic dealers are mainly reason for this situation
    I think not only skulls but all SS items are overpriced.
    But if people buying them well, its their problem.

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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    Quote by Calvaria View Post
    But if someone offered me a dug Of course I buy it
    Interesting, thanks.

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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    Hi Toffser
    If I have choice to spend time witch nice Australian Lady or talking about skulls oand looking on them no doubt my choice ist Australian Lady.
    But this my terrible Australian (Englisch) language (:
    I will be only smilling (:

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    Default Re: Likely Real not fake?

    This is not interesting or not problem
    This is just deal.
    I paid money wchitch I hardly worked for them.
    Where you buy your items?
    It ist not imported for me.
    Same is witch me.
    Previously owners were Nazis.
    Now if someone have money and wanted something just purchased it.
    And now Im the proudly owner.
    Pls dont divide collectors for betters or worst
    Last edited by Calvaria; 11-21-2012 at 07:16 AM.

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