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M1/52 TK Opinion

Article about: The ONLY way to learn to to study orignals NOT fakes. Posting pics of fakes is not the way ahead. Cheers, Ade.

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    Default M1/52 TK Opinion

    Hey all, first time poster here.

    I'm not that knowledgeable in this field, but i stumbled across this marked M1/52 tk... What is your opinion on this piece, im thinking fake but would prefer a more experienced eye to look at it.


    M1/52 TK OpinionM1/52 TK OpinionM1/52 TK Opinion

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    Default Re: M1/52 TK Opinion

    Original with replaced attachments.

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    Default Re: M1/52 TK Opinion

    Can you also post a better close up from the front?

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    Default Re: M1/52 TK Opinion

    I think I've seen enough pitting on the pictures shown ..

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    Default Re: M1/52 TK Opinion

    Hi Guys
    In my opinion not orginal.
    Someone replaced prongs for Assman type version because he got this type of prongs looking old
    Of course they could be replaced by by the Nazi proudly owner and personally I like this type of,,upgrading,,For me this type modifcation make artefacts more valuable.
    But not in this case
    Anyway witch this type of prongs or another type i dont like some details of this skull included details of shape some elements and details of patina.
    This is my personally opinion and of course I coud be a wrong.

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    Default Re: M1/52 TK Opinion

    I think It could also be a ground recover piece, but without detailpicture of the front we can't be 100% sure.

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    Default Re: M1/52 TK Opinion

    Not original Deschler

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    Quote by carlsson1982 View Post
    Can you also post a better close up from the front?
    I was wandering around the web,and I find this.
    what is life, he sold it and just falls in my hands.
    p.d remember it? mystery box thread.

    M1/52 TK Opinion

    M1/52 TK Opinion

    M1/52 TK Opinion

    I also found this not is mine sry not better pictures

    M1/52 TK Opinion

    M1/52 TK Opinion

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    those two are copies indeed
    Kind Regards,

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    Two copies but not the same(gold one is different looking as a wrote previously more like monkey skull )
    Of course I remember thread ,,mystery skull,, is still my nightmare

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