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The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.

Article about: Hi I hope I'm doing this right. Could you gentlemen tell me if this is any good? I'm convinced but I'd like some opinions before I take out the billfold. Here's some pics. Thank you very muc

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    It appears that this clear sign of casting is no longer visible in the very first picture of this thread .
    Either the picture is not clear enough , or it has been removed . Interesting , since it is for sure the same item ..
    Attached Images Attached Images The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing. 

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    Circuit advertisement The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.
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    Quote by RichieC View Post
    There are scores of threads that have been posted over the years that most likely can assist you in your decision.

    Simply use the SEARCH function or start here:

    Welcome to our forum. We hope you find it useful and also hope that your appreciation of all the hard work that is contributed here is acknowledged and reciprocated.
    I associate myself with the above as wise counsel to a beginner here.
    damit, basta.

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    Reference of my set, I have many sets but rate this as the best one.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.   The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.  

    The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.  

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    It is a casting, also just on the frontdetails and the hallmark.

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    The material in posts # 13 and # 14 offer a pretty clear answer in this matter.

    Richie C. offers all good advice, taken, though, by too few--who expect too much of the too generous--to take too much time on matters that usually don't require the effort.
    damit, basta.

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    Agreed , and I would normally not even consider taking so much time to desect a particular item from the swarm of fraudulent trinkets offered to pester us .
    But somehow the 254/42 has become a minor pet project of mine - small enough to recognize individual items kept on file ..

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    I still wonder - WHY place a new & special direct SS order for luxury silvered CUPAL skulls as late as 1942 ?

    I cannot help but see a direct connection to the Germanic SS in occupied countries , where the need to issue attractive black dress uniforms still may have had some significance to those not already actively engaged in the epic struggle .

    This by itself could mean that by 1942 the remaining stocks of earlier makes ( D&S.M , 52 , RZM52 , M1/52 ) were depleted at Deschler . All already in supplies of individual cap makers ?

    Admittedly , pure speculation by a curious scholar - but what we do know is that in 1942 the firm of Deschler had to especially alter the reverse of their dies to fulfill this SS contract 254/42 ( front remaining exactly the same ) , for a final run of high quality Cupal skulls ..

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    You pose sound questions. I do not know the answer. No one much has ever produced any compelling evidence to answer such questions.

    My wild guess is that the contracts by 1942 were made directly by the SS WVHA without any engagement of the RZM, hence the VA contract number versus the 1935 era RZM license system.

    But that is a guess. In the early part of 1942 Nazi Germany was at the height of its power, and the SS was expanding still in its form as the SS state, untrammeled by the system of the party,etc.

    I do not know.
    damit, basta.

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    The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.The minefield, but it looks pretty convincing.If someone has a primary source or sources on this issue, I will award them a marzipan mother's cross for the publication.
    damit, basta.

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