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Nazi Wallet

Article about: by tempelhof gentlemen, i remarked on the simultaneous appearance of this skull on the maroon site not because i care what they have to say about it or to question it's authenticity, but mer

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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    I have had wallets and tobacco cases with period German soldier applied insignia. However, the combination of Luftwaffe insignia and a SS totenkopf, even hough it is fake, makes no sense. It is evident that someone applied a few insignificant items to an old wallet to make a profit. This is total junk in my opinion.
    It probably is just a put together wallet with fake insignia to make a profit, but if it wasn't, then it is possible that an Ally soldier or civilian could have put something like this together with unrelated insignia, but no way to know for sure.


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    Here's is what I think: Everything on the wallet (and the wallet) is also original.

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    Iam actually sure of It.

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    I am certain I have seen this item before in the past, a few years back?

    Cheers, Ade.
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    carlsson, you seem very adimit this skull is original. Any reason why? As the original poster whom thought it was possibly no good, I mean no disrespect as well I truely respect your opinion and would love to learn why it is indeed original. Thanks

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    Hi Guys
    Im still thinking this skull is fake
    Pls compare pics.
    One was posted by you.
    On fake skull codes and marks are looks different you can see also little mustache effects upper right side above teeth on this vallet skull and the most important thing for me if this is early Deschler why is this skull lookong almost brand new.(:
    Pls compare all skulls from this period.
    Pls compare skulls on Friedrich caps how they are looking.
    If you remove this skull from vallet after the years the inside willl be wiutch heavy patin
    You cant clean this patin and dirt to this condition.
    Maybe the rest of insignia are orginal but they are very cheap and dosent make sense discusion about they authenticity.
    Sorry aagain about my terrible Englisch but the valet looks same like my Englisch
    P.S Compare how ist looking old Deschler skull
    Nobody cant to rook time
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Nazi Wallet   Nazi Wallet  

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    the theeth inside look better on the wallet one

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    What is the item number, I can't seem to find it?
    Thanks, Glen.

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    Peter, there's 3 type of RZM 52 skulls. The skull you've posted (that by the way was mine) is another type. Here is the same skull with all It's patina (uncleaned).
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Nazi Wallet   Nazi Wallet  

    Nazi Wallet  

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    The finnish is less visible because the one on the wallet has been heavily cleaned (polsihed). But If you make a negative from the skull you can see them more clearly.

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    I back down due to my lack of knowledge on this item and me possibly casting a original item as fake. However Carl, I do believe the only one which resembles the original skull is the thrid one you posting. The Rzm still looks different to me, mainly the Z.

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