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In need of some help.

Article about: Hello all, in need of a bit of help on these. I have got some books on the subject but no experience and no confidence in telling a fake from the real thing at the moment so if these are the

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    Quote by Steven Macquillin View Post
    Thank you all for your constructive comments, I will trouble you no further on this subject so you may consider it closed.
    Regards Steve.
    You are surely always welcome to ask about this material. I think the record here demonstrates our willingness to answer all queries.

    There has been an upswing of this sort of question with the caveat that the person has no access to an original.

    I do truly understand the problem, even if my situation is a different one.

    Especially as concerns this material, there is a real dearth of sober analysis, the lack of a critical mass of authority, and a resident insanity.

    In other areas, we have a solid cadre of sober, helpful persons who can disentangle things.

    Here it is less the case.

    And, the degree of irrational analysis as well as below the belt behavior makes this thing more of a problem.

    Grateful that Mr. Carlsson is a sober and sound authority, as is Adrian Stevenson.

    Do bear with my skepticism that the digital picture is not sufficient to the task.

    I think the digital pictures are often grossly misleading and can never be sufficient.

    Paul Sack is a leading head wear collector on this planet, and he as I subscribes to the see, have and hold school of collecting. He has among the most rare and astonishing caps on the planet.

    But he reiterates to me over and over that the digital picture is never enough.

    If this generalization shatters the cognitive dissonance of some, then the practical thing is to find access to the real thing in person.

    I would open a petting zoo for my collection, but I already show a lot of it here, for which I don't get much in return.

    Happy "sculls" to all and may your crimps be sublime.
    damit, basta.

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    Circuit advertisement In need of some help.
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    In need of some help.In need of some help.In need of some help.In need of some help.The Deschler grin is one of contempt.

    It is also noteworthy that this firm made regalia for the SS and then for the Holy See....
    damit, basta.

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