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Replica totenkopf?

Article about: Hi. I just stumbled upon this cap skull, and since it looks way better than any other reproduction I've seen, I thought of asking what do you guys think about it.

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    Replica totenkopf?Replica totenkopf?Replica totenkopf?Replica totenkopf?Hritz did a very nice compendium of the things once on the original site on which Adrian, Bob and I began in the dim reaches of the past.

    The encyclopaedia of badges was the best I ever saw, but it went by the boards in some server crash and vanished into oblivion.

    He never reconstituted it. The other savants and purported experts do not add much value to the inquiry.

    Mr. Carlsson here is our stalwart.

    When I search with my loupe on my own collection for the things I read about elsewhere, these features turn out to be akin to the canals on Mars and other fetching fantasies that move men's minds.

    Most of what floats around in the wider internet is fake when it comes to SS cap badges.

    The unknown unknowns here predominate, and the search for the facts usually lasts very briefly.

    Ask the people in this picture. They will tell you all. But they are silent.
    damit, basta.

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    Replica totenkopf?Replica totenkopf?Replica totenkopf?Or ask him, but he is silent, too. He is in regalia heaven, bombing us with fake RZM tags from the beyond.
    damit, basta.

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    Replica totenkopf?Replica totenkopf?Replica totenkopf?The ambience of Dr. Breuer's Herrenzimmer in the go go Munich of 1966 has also been a model for me, truth be told. Of course, Gunter Sachs and Dr. Breuer were two different personalities, but they lived in the same time.
    damit, basta.

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