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SS Cap Skull unmarked

Article about: Dear All, I have my concerns about this skull. I have read a lot of posts but I canít find this type skull. Is this a fake (or copy) or a real one? Iíve seen for sale (not on the internet) a

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    Thanks Papkin, never to old to learn, way more difficult than collecting antique Colt revolvers.
    Is the reverse from these skulls marked or unmarked.

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    please compare again

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	111.jpg 
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    and do not throw it, save it

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    First thing I do tomorrow morning many thanks.

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    I am also thinking this one is not the real mc coy.

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    something similar happened with these, but in smaller numbers than in Berlin
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	y-4609%20010.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	y-4609%20011.jpg 
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    are false because they were found stored(not used)? are not of that time?

    each with his opinions.

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    So there are more types of skulls from the Berlin Hoard?
    I see some differences with Another Ant's posted skulls.

    To compare Another Antís skulls with my skull
    The teeth are more straight in line and the top row is close to the bottom row.
    The nasal septum is different (smaller).
    The details at the front surface is smoother and are having more depth.
    The suturae cranii are higher at the skull if you compare this with my skull which are almost flat.
    Name:  ss-cap-skull-unmarked.jpg
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    Name:  ss-cap-skull-unmarked-ss-cap-skull_front_1000pix.jpg
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    Please correct me if I am wrong and maybe I see ghosts.

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    you read this post and draw your own conclusions

    'Berlin Hoard' Totenkopfs

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    I have read it, it is a strange story. But before I can make a conclusion I shall read the complete topic at the other forum also.

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    Another Ant after reading and studying several information online in books and word I have to agree with you. Those jawless skulls are the real deal.
    Below some minor history about these insignia:


    The Stosztrupp Adolf Hitler was the first SS-like unit of the NSDAP with insignia, different from the SA ones. Beneath the Imperial German Cockade the white metal Skull of the WW1 Hussars was worn on a grey ski cap.( During the WO2 the same model skull was worn as collar patch insignia for the black Field Jacket by Mechanized Fighting Troops ).
    When in 1925,Julius Schreck formed the first SS the same insignia were chosen to decorate the black Pilbox Caps. In 1929 the Nazi Eagle was worn instead of the earlier Cockade and this combination of early type Eagle and Skull was maintained until at least 1935.
    In 1935/36 the Party adopted the new National Emblem. It was about the same year, the SS exchanged the old Party Eagle by a typical SS Eagle.
    The Hussar skull ,however, held its place on the cap for a while, although the typical SS-type Skull must have been introduced in 1936 already.
    Contrary to popular opinion the Skull had nothing to do with the role of the SS during its period of existence. The Skull was used as distinction for certain German Armed forces which acted as elite units ( Prussian Life Guards, Regiments of Hussars and other cavalry regiments) from the early 18th.century on, and it meant " True unto death "


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    Default pi pa po

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	allg 1.jpg 
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Name:	Steinhauer  & Lueck copy.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_0728.jpg 
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Name:	y-4674 (8).JPG 
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Name:	y-4674 (9).JPG 
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Name:	H0579-L57178853.jpg 
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Name:	earlyss.jpg 
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    damit, basta.

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