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SS eagle with expertise

Article about: check out this one...

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    Default SS eagle with expertise

    check out this one...
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    Default Re: SS eagle with expertise

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    200 euros is a bargain for this eagle. I guess Detlev is not such the crook that I thought he was ?!

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    I think these cap badges are the object of a pretty bald faced speculative frenzy, in fact. Is not Niemann much better than some of the other continental European dealers who shall remain nameless? I realize that these documents have excited the scorn of other New World collectors and savants on the regalia websites, who now are giving out their own documents and diplomas of authenticity themselves.

    A collector should endeavor to know for him or herself what is real and what is not. Nonetheless, I myself would look favorably on such a diploma as this in certain circumstances.

    There is no Rosetta stone in this material; there is no magic answer that banishes doubt.

    And, with the naked eye I cannot see many of the things that the experts in these badges can see, and I own more than one set of authentic cap badges, mind you. I suppose I should buy a microscope..

    Happy Cupal and Blech.

    Postscriptum: I never pried these badges off the cap and they now live happily with another collector colleague in the Midwest atop a Puppe with a uniform.
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    damit, basta.

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    There's some intresting things you said there, I own also more than 5 SS sets and I've sold a lot of 'em. I know for my self whta's real and what's not. Those papers don't tell to much for me, I just have it like that.
    those 'certificats' are more easy to fake that the insignia isn't it FB

    But This one is original, and I think It's an unmarked Assmann

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    another view with emphasis on the badges...the eagle eye will see that some unskilled hand re attached the peak.....! Mr. Ben VK should have done it. The Aermelstreifen came from the dungeon of a well known, eccentric US dealer vagabond of storied memory. Many of these have since ended up on the ex Lenfilm and Mosfilm authentic black uniforms found by another well known US dealer in the wake of the collapse of the Warsaw Pact.
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    damit, basta.

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    they're original prongs that had been resoldered that's all. I just have it like that
    It's a quite rare variant so Iam happy with it

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    I do agree with Friedrich-Berthold.
    I have seen it happen so many times, not for militaria; I am speaking antiques in general.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Thanks, colleagues. On other sites the destruction of dealers forms the principal activity of certain figures. I had always thought our first job was to share knowledge in a positive sense, which I have tried to do here.

    I would ask the cap badge savants to speculate on the material of the Totenschaedel in the black SS officer's cap in post six. It did not appear to be Cupal, in fact, but akin to pot metal or something hum drum. I never examined it with more than a lupe (sp) and could not figure out what sort of alloy it might have been.

    The Hoheitszeichen seemed to be Cupal, though.

    In any case, this cap came from Shea and went to a leading collector known to those here to live with his treasures.

    All of which, if you read other websites where the savants hold forth, is now less than worthless and cannot even be used for scrap for rags it is so devoid of any value what so ever.....

    damit, basta.

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