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Totenkopf skull real / fake

Article about: I bought this item as a dug up from Berlin, but is it real?[ATTACH=CONFIG]598066[

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    Sid pls compare side by side skull posted by kenv and posted by you as a dug.
    At the first look of course they are same pattern but if you are looking carrefully you will see a differences
    If yoy looking forward dug posted by you have different right cheek and different distance from right eyehole.
    Also shape of the bones esspecialy right side (looking forward) also are different (look carrefully)
    Rear of the skulls also are different.
    Pins in dug are fastened lower and have different shape of the end.
    Bones on a dug are more sharp (on a skull posted by kenv are more soft )
    They are more sharp because they were stamped witch stronger force and alloy was correct and could resist this force and not to be brooken
    Generally walls on a dug if looking on backside are more thin
    etc etc etc I could show you more differences but for my poor knowledge of Englisch language its difficult for me
    Of course I could be wrong but Im still thinkig this skull posted by kenv its fake
    Of course sorry about my language -terrible (:

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