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1933 or 1934 LAH collar patch.

Article about: This is on the Hannah's Reich site, and it is seldom seen.

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    thank you F-B, HPL and DougB.great thread and info.

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    Circuit advertisement 1933 or 1934 LAH collar patch.
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    Quote by DougB View Post
    What was of most interest to me was his fate of being framed and sent to KZ Sachsenhausen, and his refusal to return to the SS upon his unexpected release, instead going into the Army.
    The experiences made during his time as a camp inmate may well have led to him falling out of love with the Black Corps.... But be that as it may, congratulations on your purchase of this outstanding grouping!
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    Really nice to see.
    Congratulations on acquiring the group Doug.

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    Deeply historical and highly interesting material. Well done Doug, on acquiring yet again another outstanding item(s) for your collection.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Congratulations. This man's story is more revealing about the fate of central Europe and the things that interest us than the endlessly repeated high jinx of certain Knight's Cross Holders with their partial memory
    of the real world ca. 1934 or 1942. You should get the Rothlaender book to make full sense of your new items.
    Thanks and well said, FB and I will try to acquire the book as well.

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    1933 or 1934 LAH collar patch.David Delich offers these items from his collection for comparison.

    Here the variety of SSVT runic embroidery on the unit collar patch.

    - - ------- - -

    1933 or 1934 LAH collar patch.Here the well published image of an LAH SS Mann with the early patch, as now coming into the Doug B collection. This photo is of a later date, via the altered piping as well
    as the peaked cap with the post 1935/6 badges.
    damit, basta.

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    1933 or 1934 LAH collar patch.Here for reference are the early badges with the white embroidery and the white piping, an assemblage of same as seldom seen and, then, only seen here!

    Many thanks to our stalwarts and their wonderful collections.
    damit, basta.

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    Of particular note here is the ultra-rare "SS4" collar patch.

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    The parcel has arrived and it is as expected much better in hand as these things tend to be including the fantastic photos inside of the earliest of LAH helmets. The Sachsenhausen cloth swatch of his internment number is truly a sight.

    Sorry I wont upload photos of the album pictures. As FB will attest, they will simply wind up on Russian eBay.

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