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3rd. SS Totenkopf Panzer Wrap

Article about: I agree. But what scares me, is that there were different variations and so on. Just as with other tunics. Depended on the Manufacturer. I know these are really rare. I just cant find anythi

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    Quote by Kleindl View Post
    What I have noticed is that both the tunic and the trousers have been worn allot. I don't know how you would fake that. Thank you for all of the replies
    The wear part is easy - you wear it as a reenactor for a time and "hey presto" it shows appropriate wear.
    On a more serious note, if you purchased this as original, I think that you should be seeking to return it to the original vendor.

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    Wear is very easy to simulate. Fakers prey upon the assumption of honesty in others. The hours invested in crafting a fake can pay of bountifully. There are many techniques to add the appearance of "patina" to a garment. Please compare material, construction and details to original items. You will notice many differences.

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    Construction and insignia are a dead give away.

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    Those Pictures are just horrible. Sometime, perhaps I will try to post better ones. I think if I did, this piece would show a better insight of itself. Since you cant hold and see it in real life and all you have to go by are these photos, I would say, I agree with all of you, as it does look terrible like this. I was in a very big rush. colors are wrong, can not see the seems and the excellent stitching. I performed some other tests and they were good. I will try to post good photos soon. Until I do, can someone explain The Button Problem to me. Thank you for the insight of all, you guys are great to take the time and post!

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    3rd. SS Totenkopf Panzer Wrap3rd. SS Totenkopf Panzer Wrap3rd. SS Totenkopf Panzer WrapSorry but better pictures will not help in this instance it is just so wrong. Compare to these two pictures, the one of the back also is not good, but the wrapper is. You can spot the difference in construction and design - there are many. Also added one picture of it displayed, which shows some more differences.

    Best Tietze

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    Here are some new photos, I hope these help. With these new photos, I have seen many more instances where these Tunics look the same. If these do not help, and the tunic is still bad. Please, Any information on why, would be great as I will have to return it. Thanks for the insight.

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    Can't see any pics mate.

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    took awhile to upload, they are here now

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    No worries, I can't help with authenticity or not mate, it is something I know nothing about. I'm sure some of those that know about these things will be along soon but those that have already commented are certainly worth listening to.

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