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Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

Article about: Yeah, i talked to him, and told him about how he could be prosecuted for sending me pics to the states, he was really concerned about the law in Germany and all. I told him as long as he doe

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    Default Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    Ok, i have a guy i just got off the phone with, He is in Germany, and he got my information from an email i had sent to a dealer, and he refered him to me.

    Here is what he is saying about it;

    Its an NCO Set-up SS-Oberscharfuher ( 2 pips ) Black/silver twist cord around both tabs.

    The right side tab has a number 45, in place of SS runes.

    Black silver twist cord around the collar also.

    The single black/silver shoulder board has the same set up as the one at Robert's Collectibles, it has a screw on/off button.

    The cuff title has red borders top, and bottom, and and has a white number 6, cuff title is sewn onto the french style cuffs.

    The armband is multi-piece constructed, with RZM tag sewn in place.

    The lining is all black, with the salt, and pepper sleeves.

    It has the RZM marked rear belt ramps.

    Correct lower slash pockets, and the correct patch type upper pockets. He said the tabs are perfectly squared with the collar.

    The sewn in tag in one of the pockets is all faded plain white, and unreadable.

    My question is, i have never seen reproduction collar tabs, or a reproduction cuff title like what he is telling me.

    He is taking pics, and as soon as i have them i will post pics here.

    What are the chances of what i just typed here, that this could be a legit tunic, and what unit would it be from.

    And, has anyone else seen a reproduction tunic set up with an screw on/ off should board button.

    Please let me know.

    thank you

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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    I'm really surprised that no one here would know about the set-up of this tunic, and especially the unit , and district for the cuff title, and collar tab.


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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    the set up sounds ok,but then that is what fakers do to pull in the high bucks,,,as soon as you have pics, post them for more detailed answers,,,good luck

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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    Yes, i know that, but i have never seen a set of fakes like that, and usually you see the same old collar tabs, and especially the cuff titles popping up on Ioffer, ebay, epier,and especially manions.

    Ive done a google on them, and the only set ive seen found so far was in a pic, on a tunic from the early 30's.

    I have yet to see a reproduction cuff title with color borders, and a number.


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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    You really need good crisp pictures of the parts and stitching, buttons and any labels.

    Any one insignia or multiple could be fake. A real cufftitle could be on a repro rock, the rock could be good, but have been stripped and all parts recently applied. Etc. Etc.

    There are a lot of incarnations of what the tunic really is. And all affect value. Get pictures, get second and third opinions. And when you do buy a great piece history, you'll be happy and cherish it.

    Remember you may one day have to convince a buyer about an items authenticity, don't make that an uphill battle.

    BTW take a look at this black rock on a solid dealer's site...

    Allgemeine-SS Standarte 58 NCOs Service Tunic

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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    Little can be done to analyze your offer without strong pictures.

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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    I was just hoping that some one could tell me if they have ever seen a reproduction tunic with the screw on shoulder board button, or the reproduction Numbered collar tab ( 45 ), and especially the cuff title ( red borders / white # 6 ), as i've looked the net over, i can find original period photographs with the same set up, but no fakes at all.

    I cannot find a single # 45 collar tab for sale anywhere, and ive found the same cuff title, only on respectable dealers sites.

    I really hope i have found my first authentic complete tunic, as everything seems to be adding up in the good, so far.

    As soon as i get pics, i will post them.


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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    The descriptions are promising, but members here would need MANY photographs of the tunic - front, back, under collar tabs, under shoulder board, inside back and sleeves, back of butons, and so on - before passing a worthy opinion on this.

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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    AS soon as i get some pics, I will be posting them here, Like i said the guy is in Germany, and he is really hesitant about taking pics of anything with symbols on it that could get him into big trouble, but he said he would take some pics, with out anything marked out especially the swastika on the armband.

    He advised me that his uncle picked it up in an abandoned/destroyed apartment after the war, and they have had it ever since, Along with some other items, that he would not talk about over the phone, but he said he would send pics of everything he has.


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    Default Re: Allegemeine SS tunic set-up ....

    It does sound promising Brian, but I am a little concerned about the statement "He is really hesitant about taking pics of anything with symbols on it that could get him into big trouble"

    The only "symbol" would be the armband. and anyway, why would it be a concern to him about what areas he photographs of the setup?
    The pictures would not be made "public" ie e bay ect. So i can't see the problem. As far as I'm aware, you can't get prosecuted in Germany for sending photos?

    You would need really clear detailed photographs of all areas, including stitching, front and back, as if this is the "real deal" it's gonna hurt your pocket.

    We have a few very knowledgeable members who( we hope) would give an honest opinion like FB, Peter, if he see it Robert H and of course Bob H. Fingers crossed it's a good 'un

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