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Allgemeine SS Collar Tabs

Article about: These are the ones my grandfather brought home from Bayern...I've never been a big SS collector; One of them has RZM tag remnants. Are these considered desirable? I appreciate any input, Gle

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    As some of you know, once Himmler became chief of German police in 1936, there was a generalized attempt to offer SS rank to police officers. The ranks were also not always equivalent. I assume this tunic was such a thing, but the man was an old fighter, too. The police tunic has no old fighter chevron, but who knows?
    The black tunic is a gem.
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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Pardon my curiosity i had just noticed this..and had not paid attention to it before...what is the significance of the blank cuff title? was this for the Fuhrers staff? Regards Larry
    The cuff title you inquired about is known to collectors as the "SD blank cuff title." As FB pointed out, it was wore by members of the SD-SIPO...and possible others such as the legal department; which I maybe right or wrong about.
    Himmler's staff on the other hand, throughout it's many transformations, were authorized to wear several variants of cuff titles which included the following: "R.u.S.-Hauptamt" in Gothic script, "Reichsführung-SS", Hauptamtschefs, Amtschefs, Hauptabteilungsleiter, Abteilungsleiter, Referenten and "RFSS" in Gothic script.
    This link can explain it better than I can as I'm surely no expert in regards to said material.

    Axis History Forum

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    The enclosed link says this:


    The requested topic does not exist...."

    As to the RFSS, SS Hauptamt, Reichsfuehrung SS cuff titles, see. pp. 27-29 of Mollo vol 1.
    There were several uses of the blank cuff title, but the blank patch and the blank cuff title indicate SD/Sipo etc.
    I own two SD uniforms with the Rauten and the blank cuff title, and this one without the Raute.

    - - ------- - -

    As to Sipo SD etc. , see vol. V Mollo, esp. pp.....42-3.

    There were other organizations with the blank cuff title, which Mr. HPL has explained in one of his fine posts.
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    Allgemeine SS Collar TabsHere is the SS Hauptamt cuff title on a tunic.
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    Allgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsHere is the blank collar patch and the SS Oberabschnitt Rhein cuff title on a uniform I failed to snag....much to my chagrin.
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    My apologizes, I'm not sure why the link isn't working as it does for myself. Here's the information it contains:

    Personnel of the Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt
    Collar patches:
    The right-hand collar patch was blank for ranks up to and including Obersturmbannführer, with conventional rank insignia on the left-hand patch. (Ranks of Standartenführer and higher always wore their rank insignia on both patches.)

    Cuff title:
    "R.u.S.-Hauptamt" in Gothic script (introduced 25 January 1935).
    In late 1939 or early 1940, a cuff title with the inscription "Reichsführung-SS" in Latin script with runic "SS" was introduced, which was to be worn by personnel of all the main offices. (It should be noted though that the older patterns were worn by some personnel well after that and, at least in some cases, until the end of the war.)

    Furthermore, the appropriate departmental rank cuff titles were used by the Hauptamtschefs, Amtschefs, Hauptabteilungsleiter, Abteilungsleiter and Referenten. (silver brocade cuff titles with black borders and from none to three black center stripes)

    Sleeve diamond:
    A sleeve diamond with the Odalrune was worn.

    Personnel of the persönlicher Stab Reichsführer-SS (I think this is what you are referring to by "RFSS", as "Reichsführung SS" was a collective term for all the SS Main Offices)

    Collar patches:
    Same as for the R.u.S.-Hauptamt, see above.

    Cuff title:
    Initially, "RFSS" in Gothic script. (Although photographic evidence exists for a version with Roman letters as well.) In 1939, the Gothic "SS" was replaced by the runic "SS" and later in the same year or in early 1940 (see above), the "Reichsführung-SS" cuff title was to replace the "RFSS" cuff title as well.

    Furthermore, the appropriate departmental rank cuff titles were used, see above.

    Sleeve diamond:
    No special sleeve diamond existed.

    As for personnel assigned to "Haus Wewelsburg": Sorry; I don't know what the permanent personnel of this institution wore, although I have never heard of any special insignia for them.
    As for the Ahnenerbe:

    The sleeve diamond with the "life" rune is attributed to members of the Ahnenerbe by some references, including Angolia's "Cloth Insignia Of The SS". (Others associate this sleeve diamond with certain RusHA personnel.)

    As for the Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt:

    I'm somewhat confused about its cufftitle, as references seem contradictory here.
    According to Angolia, in 1936 a cuff title with the gothic inscription "W. u. V. Hauptamt" was introduced, corresponding to this Main Offices original designation "SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungs-Hauptamt". When this designation was changed to "Hauptamt Verwaltung und Wirtschaft in der Reichsführung SS", the cuff title inscription was changed to "V. u. W. Hauptamt", also in Gothic letters. This, in turn, was to be eventually replaced by the "Reichsführung-SS" cuff title as was the case for the other Main Offices.
    Other sources, however, state that this Main Office was only created in 1942 by merging the Hauptämter "Verwaltung und Wirtschaft" and "Haushalt und Bauten" - in which case, the "V. u. W. Hauptamt" cuff title should actually be the first - and only - pattern.

    No special sleeve diamonds existed for this Main Office as such, but special sleeve diamonds showing their respective specialist group were introduced in 1942 for the wartime administrative Fachführer and Fachunterführer assigned to this Main Office.

    Those were:
    - A star over dividers for those assigned to the Building Group. (= Gruppe Bauwesen)
    - A star over a Latin capital "W" for those assigned to the Economic Enterprises Group (= Gruppe Wirtschaftsbetriebe)
    - A star over crossed ears of corn for those assigned to the Agricultural Administration Group (= Gruppe Landwirtschaftliche Verwaltung)

    (With the star being of the same design as worn by SS administrative experts.)

    While these diamonds were certainly manufactured, it is uncertain if they were worn. (Anyway, as your original question concerned the black uniform, in either case they were not worn the black uniform as it had become obsolete for the full time SS members by that time.)
    According to Andrew Mollo, the first pattern RFSS cuff title was mentioned for the first time in price listing of 15th December 1934.
    Generals would have worn the white Amtschef cuff title, or maybe the Reichsführung-SS cuff title (it was introduced in 1940 and was supposed to replace all departmental cuff titles, but in practice many people continued to wear them).

    Credited to: AxisHistoryForum and our member HPL2008, who is the author of the text above.

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    Allgemeine SS Collar TabsThis data is also of use, and it is a primary source. That is, it comes from the Org book.
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    Allgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAllgemeine SS Collar TabsAs a personal note, after life with this site--enriched as it has been by the leading lights here with primary sources--I think Angolia on these themes is a pretty weak thing. The book is a fair place to start, but it is hardly the final authority and also fizzles out in certain key areas, or is wrong. Thanks to David Delich.
    Last edited by Friedrich-Berthold; 07-27-2014 at 03:39 AM.
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    Andreas is always a fine source and a thoughtful, well informed member.

    - - ------- - -

    He is a better scholar than most others, including some who will go un named, but whose works are over cited to the detriment of us all.
    damit, basta.

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    Here is a blank SS cuffband I got about 30 years ago. The dealer had a bundle of them. Some units use blank bands but I always thought of this as an unfinished band.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Allgemeine SS Collar Tabs   Allgemeine SS Collar Tabs  

    Allgemeine SS Collar Tabs   Allgemeine SS Collar Tabs  

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