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Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

Article about: I think the Hindenburg image shows an SS guard. D.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    I think the Hindenburg image shows an SS guard.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    Quote by d'alquen View Post
    I think the Hindenburg image shows an SS guard.
    Thank you.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    Examining photo #7 again, I do believe you are correct in stating that is an SS guard under review by Hindenburg. I consulted some period police photo resources and realize that the Abt. Wecke z.b.V would have either worn the Prussian Schupo uniform of the person on the left or the green uniforms of the Prussian Landespolizei and their helmets would have have the swastika and colors. I notice behind Hindenburg a helmet is visible. I presume that would be the commander of this SS guard. Fully armed with rifle and bayonet, would this be a unit of the Leibstandarte? Notice the helmets of these men have no insignia. Can anyone make out what the unit commander standing by himself on the left is wearing on his belt? Is that a holster or sword attachment? This must have been an impressive review, as besides SS and Schutzpolizei, there must be a Reichswehr contingent there given the senior army officer in helmet at the rear and the one marching behind Hindenburg.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    I think the very first version of black helmet worn by the Stabswache or whatever predecessor organization to the LAH was unadorned with insignia. However, I am not very expert in such helmets, to be sure, and welcome those who are to comment.

    Many of these images have what strike me as incomplete or flawed captions, at least in looking at hundreds of them on line.

    One of the virtues of this kind of exchange is to reflect on the meaning and contents of such images, surely.

    There is a nice book in Germany on Berlin in the III. Reich with many images of Goering in his glory, especially his city residence near the Wilhelmstrasse, which was startling in its finery.

    Here is another image of you can see here: "ohne Titel..."
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    Picture #7 intrigues me because the "guard" is equipped with "kriegsgerät"-Kar98a-that I thought would have been unavailable to the SS unit that was composed of civilians.

    The new picture is very interesting. Each of the SS men wears a holster that perhaps contains a Walther PPK. Hitler is wearing his simple Brownshirt and is accompanied by Himmler, Wolff and Schaub. Who is on the far right? Post-1936 as Schaub is wearing his SS-Degen. The walls and floor remind me of the Chancellory.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    Dear Poloberst,
    I'm afraid I know little or nothing about firearms or bayonets so I thought this might be of some use. This shot was taken a little after the picture in question but it shows what type of sidearm was being worn by the Adolf Hitler Standarte.
    They certainly wore a plain black helmet at first and were equipped with weapons by March of 1933. I would have to check but I believe they were also already on the budget of the Ministry of Interior at this period so were, unlike the Allgemeine-SS, no longer in a civilian capacity.
    I think the other picture most probably shows a review of newly commissioned officers at a Junkerschule, or in the Reich Chancellory.
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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    Thanks for the above. There is a new volume from the French firm of Heimdal on the LAH with a lot of images from the early period. The Wegner book on the Waffen SS describes the budgeting for these units in detail.

    Thanks to all for their interest in all these images found by one and all in this brave new world of digitalized archives.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    As concerns newly minted SSVT and SSTV officers, I enclose these from AH's 50th birthday in 1939.
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    Might I make this observation about the SS, especially the Allgemeine SS, although such a term was not in use in 1933. I am not sure that one can call them "civilian" in the sense that certain North Americans know same in the 21st century. SA and SS men saw themselves as "political soldiers, " whatever this term might mean to you now. However, in its day, this idea had a specific meaning that was anti bourgeois and anti-civil society as known in central Europe at the time. In the Orgbuch the entry states that the Allgemeine SS was armed only with a dagger, versus light infantry weapons for the SSVT and SSTV (ca. 1938 or so...) But the missions and functions of the SS were never described by the Nazis themselves as "civilian. " The Kompetenzenwirrwar of state and party also meant that, as colleague D'alquen has pointed out, certain SS organizations were a budgetary mish-mash of party/state support where a clear civil/military distinction is difficult to uphold. If anyone has any serious historical interest in this, I can furnish the relevant titles to read, which are of enduring interest. There were in fact a series of memoranda in the years 1934-1938 which laid out these delineations of such missions and functions in a rather complicated way.

    Famous were the conflicts between SA and Reichswehr in the prelude to 30 June 1934 Putsch against the SA leadership. However, there endured friction between SS and the army in the years prior to 1939 in which the struggle over caste and estate endured in the face of Nazi egalitarianism (such as it was...) or Heini H's desire to fashion a racial vanguard, some of whom were armed. The book of Klaus Juergen Mueller is very interesting on this account.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Allgemeine SS men in Berlin, 1936-1939

    I intended the term civilian to be considered in conjuction with carrying Kriegsgeraet weapons normally available only to state recogninzed organizations, such as the military, police and perhaps the LSAH. Firearms laws were still in effect and it was illegal for civilians to own firearms with a war-time caliber like the P08. Those men carrying rifles in Photo #7 were not part of the LSAH, after comparing them to Photo #26. And the men with the holsters were not part of a swearing in ceremony, as those were in parade dress with Feldbinde and aiguilette.

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