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Another Fake Item per the moderators

Article about: This was bought from a very well known collector? Please explain why its fake?

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    Still no communication with any Moderators?

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    Circuit advertisement Another Fake Item per the moderators
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    Quote by daveward View Post
    Well, I think we should all try to remain calm and take the time to discuss this properly. The moderators of this forum feel a responsibility to make sure that fakes/reproductions are not sold on the site. It is likely that someone suggested that these items might be inauthentic, so the moderator(s) did their job in asking you to take them down. It should also be noted that you complied, which was the right thing to do, and speaks to your character. In the meantime, this is the perfect opportunity for us to study the items and try to learn more about them. If they are then deemed authentic, I am quite certain that the moderators would be happy to let you re-list them. My experience here has shown me that the moderators are considerate and understanding people. I understand that it might seem frustrating from your perspective, but I'm fairly confident that no one was trying to wrong you in any way.
    I agree that a "Cool Down" period is probably the best route at this point... The Mods are great at righting wrongs when warranted ... I trust that this is just a hiccup for now... Have a great night guys... G-man
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    Hi Sam, this item was never called bad.

    Please check my PM just sent to you.

    Concerns were raised over the tray, command flag and sleeve eagle. Nothing else was seen, nor mentioned. Different items were posted at different times, and different items discussed at different times, hence the confusion here.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Maybe there should have been like a obligatoric "discuss the item before sale" to avoid future problems?!

    Like when a member want to sell something, he has to include the thread were the item/s has been given the thumbs up or down.
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    All items were discussed and deemed ok. The pm I received stated that I needed to remove all items for sale as they were reproductions. I have enjoyed being a member here.

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