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Armband SS

Article about: Nothing to say more then the other experts already said. Im sorry its a fake but try to get your money back. Did you buy it from a dealer or from a private person? If it was a dealer name

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    Default Armband SS

    Hello ,
    Can you tell me more about this one please ?

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    Bob Hritz
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    Default Re: Armband SS

    dont like it, whats the asking price?

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    Default Re: Armband SS

    I paid 250 euros..

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    Default Re: Armband SS

    Quote by space59 View Post
    I paid 250 euros..
    You already bought it? ok
    Pray for me being wrong in my opinion.
    Wait for more opinions

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    Default Re: Armband SS

    I have never seen one put togather like this before. I aswell dont have a good feeling about this one...........ERIC

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    Default Re: Armband SS

    Im afraid i dont like this one either, poorly cut and sewn in places, white circle not symetrical, swastika not squarely aligned, if you can i would advise you ask for a refund, as for the RZM tag i will leave that for others to comment but it doesnt look right to me

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    Default Re: Armband SS

    Welcome to the forum, space. Unfortunately, I agree with the other gentlemen on this one. Definitely a post war reproduction. I would quickly request a refund. I really hope you can get your money back or at least at a minimum, a credit if you purchased it from a dealer.

    Take care,

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    yeppers...this is bad through and through

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    Default Re: Armband SS

    I must concur with my colleagues. If you use the search feature on this Forum, you can find numerous original examples to compare it to. It is always a sour taste in the mouth when you learn that your treasure is not what you think it was. Please let us know how you fair on returning the item. An honest dealer or collector should give you a refund.


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    You need return it. That is far away from original

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