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assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

Article about: by Friedrich-Berthold If a person says they are a costume designer, I take it on faith. In any case, the fakers here and elsewhere are usually less fluent in English and take a different tac

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    Default Re: assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

    further images of this piece. This is for an NCO, actually, whereas an officer would have alu piping instead of the black rayon and alu piping seen here. However, this piece is otherwise very typical. I lived in Kaiserslautern and should have bought this piece when it was for sale.
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

    Here are some other black uniforms....

    These are from the Allgemeine SS, too, for normal Fussstandarten.
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    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Here are some other black uniforms....

    These are from the Allgemeine SS, too, for normal Fussstandarten.

    I would note that the Standarte (regiment) number was rendered in Arabic numbers, and the rank system used was on the Austrian pattern with stars and so called Litzen. Enlisted ranks were piped in the alu/black rayon piping on collar patches and collar itself; officers in alu piping on each item......

    Someone should embark on a simple, practical pictorial explanation of these things for outsiders, as usually our denizens are somewhat versed in the arcane, confusing and downright odd details of German uniforms. In the world that created these uniforms, knowledge of these fine distinctions was as vital as knowledge of clothing labels, software, and the specifications of mobile-phone-computers.

    I must admit that I better understand the former than the latter, but I can see where beginners and outsiders would be flummoxed by our craft. The past is a foreign place.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

    Please understand that I don;t get handed a proverbial scrip just a basic set of parameters and then the load gets dumped on me. This is not a hollywood big budget venture where I can hire a historical consultant. I do the best I can with research but there is so much data, so many sites about German war history, so may reproduction houses and so much disinformation it becomes very hard for someone like myself to juggle it all. Most real war pictures I see sadly don;t have enough detail and most are black and white. I had hoped I could find and simply ask an expert. I can not afford to buy 20 probably very expensive reference books if I even knew what to buy. One or two yes if someone can point out the better ones as this stuff isn't on the shelf in Barns and Nobles I will however attempt to locate the one book on SS uniforms someone suggested as that sounds like what I need if it has good pictures.

    What I was asked was please tailor 3 tunics ww2 black German SS type one (most important for lead character) Highest level doctor (in my search for insignia with sites that sell such Obbersgruppenfuhrur was the highest rank I could find). I was told early pre or beginning of the war my interpretation of that would be early 30's . Character is a fictional but is suppose to be an extremely wealthy and powerful individual behind the scenes never named never caught and the architect of most of the darker aspects the SS were notorious for. He had in effect covered all his traces from history (it's implied he is the living incarnate of evil/ anti christ/ satan you name it) This is basically a performance of that character memoirs. This is a fictional character not a fictionalized documentary about any specific person. 2 other tunics of a standard lower mid rank .I was told not gawdy over theatrical as a prior series of outfits I did for a totally different purpose different project. That set included one Sa and one SS uniform which I did more in pure fantasy and over theatrical. You guys would probably crucify me for the anachronisms. I used whatever medals and such I could get my hands on for those costumes in my portfolio, some were real and donated, some repros that ss tunic was also specified to be leather not wool as the ones I am doing now. The SA tunic from the last project of this sort I bought to save time from some outfit in Korea and I attached again whatever patches and such I could acquire . The SS was done from scratch with "no "pattern. The current people I am working for raised an eyebrow with those uniforms from my portfolio. They asked me to keep everything correct for theirs How correct I suppose is a moot point. I wasn't given a picture and told construct this. This is not unlike someone saying bake me a Black Forest cake of the correct recipe and expecting the cook to know what correct is. Unfortunately this is often the way it is for me.

    I stumbled on this site after looking to buy accouterments for the construct and I did copy a couple of pictures I assumed would be pertinent. I also copied a couple of kepi pictures since what is available as repro doesn;t seem to look at all like what I have seen in here and bought in the past. the repro kepis I bought don't have that overlapping flap in the front and I copied those pics for my own potential later reference nothing more.

    Local libraries have minimal data on the topics for what I need. I had assumed probably incorrectly there was some non rare but standard nomenclature for whatever these uniforms should appear like and that medical stuff was not a large enough seller for repro houses to bother with. I could take a couple of pictures of the prior incorrect uniforms I did for someone else and send them to whomever wants them if there seems to be some paranoia about me running off and making whatever for resale purposes. I feel awkward I have apparently made some people uncomfortable I had never taken into account there was any secrecy on this sort of information or pictures.

    I have been trying to think of "something" maybe I can offer you guys in return. I have one large panoramic picture pop had from fort Knox of all their armor before the war. I can take a picture of it and post that if it would be of some compensation. I have one big panoramic of Grandpa in WW1 which is one of the few pictures I have of him at all.. I would even trade the WW2 pic for some repro stuff ,not the WW1 pic for what I need for this project. It is however an American picture not a German picture but it's huge.

    If you would like pictures of the tunic I did before I can take a picture of that I have and post that as well. You guys will have a field day bashing me for boo boos not only for anachronisms but it was made for a woman which I'm told is way off base for the black uniforms.

    I make what I am told to make and do the best I can working for premadonas and moody people who don't even supply the aspirin. I will try to get the powers that be to narrow the criteria for me to be more precise here between the hissy fits I deal with daily.

    I'm not looking to buy complete tunics. Alterations on these are often more tedious then construct from new when form fitting applies, to do so one really needs the wearer for fittings occasionally in the flesh. I only buy a pre made garment when time is short and i know I can't get it done by a deadline if I have several things to make But if you can refer me to anyone reputable selling the insignia and such of quality and correct , that's pertinent that would be a help. Thus far Soldat was my best and most helpful source.

    Again thank you for your kindness and generosity, my apologies for my ignorance or if I stepped on any toes.


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    Default Re: assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

    Ok guys now don't pick on me. These are pics of a uniform I made "intentionally " gawdy for theatrics. The production failed sadly and the uniform was sold to one of the actress's whom it was made for. She got this for a fraction of the cost .I had way more hours in this then you might imagine especially fitting her shape. it looks baggy on the hanger because she was quite buxom. You'll note many things wrong with insignia and such. Then again I was given a hand sketch and a pile of medals and told "make this". I disassembled a hat to remake this one and I swore no more hats so I buy those now. This is far removed from what I am trying to do now. I still to this day get razzed about backward incorrect shoulder boards and on and on. If you want pics of the SA one I have those in my other home and I'll gladly post those as well if there would be any point other then general laughs.

    What I am doing now is far removed from the intention of this sort of costume.
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    Default Re: assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

    Hi Eva

    These pictures really made my day...


    Nick VR

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    Default Re: assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

    nice jacket and hat, lots of cuff titles!

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    Default Re: assistance please with SS doctors uniforms

    You can't do that to us, show us the uniform but not the "buxom" actress as well

    It would make old Phils day



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