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Austrian SS and the July 1934 Putsch in Austria

Article about: I bought this new work from a leading scholar while I was in Vienna. We take interest here in the SS in Austria prior to 1938 and thereafter.

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    Interesting and a lot of material to read, digest and understand. I will attempt to do so before my trip to Vienna next year.

    Of note, a theory of mine on the Mirror Rune decal found on 2 known examples (one of which surfaced here last year, the other in my possession). Both are on former Austrian shells, using Austrian party decals and the components are also Austrian. The mirror runic decal is an exact mirrored copy of the Austrian Pocher decal variant (3 known examples, also complete Austrian helmets, 1 in my possession, 1 Hicks, the other unknown at this time). It is a theory of mine that when the SS was branded a terrorist organization and if I am correct the SS runes banned, that they simply reversed the print, by the same decal manufacturer. Hence the identical but mirrored runes to the Austrian Pocher and the rationale behind the decal itself.

    I've no proof of this. Perhaps in one of your books on the subject there might be some discourse on the usage of insignia at the time.

    Excellent links and post thank you FB


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    Circuit advertisement Austrian SS and the July 1934 Putsch in Austria
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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    Fluency in German and a thirst for knowledge have proven themselves to be my most profitable tools in this hobby...
    For those who do not speak German, I highly recommend keeping a German/English Dictionary on hand...Fact is, if you've been involved in this hobby for a number of years, you probably already know more German than you are aware of...
    cheers, Glenn
    Bravo, and well said. And a German English dictionary is always on hand on line. Merry Christmas to you all and happy thirst for knowledge as well.
    damit, basta.

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    Austrian SS and the July 1934 Putsch in AustriaSomething else connected with Vienna and Nazi paramilitaries, some four plus years after the July Putsch. Thanks to Bruce Burnham for this item.
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    Austrian SS and the July 1934 Putsch in AustriaIf you go to 71 Mariahilferstrasse today, you will find something other than SA jackets and the RZM, and I was actually just there. The place sells Italian textiles for leggy women.
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