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Black Tunic

Article about: I have various ones of these that then, funnily enough, the "research" people assigned to the wrong individual, i.e. Mueller, Fischer, etc. if the name is common. This has happened

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    I have various ones of these that then, funnily enough, the "research" people assigned to the wrong individual, i.e. Mueller, Fischer, etc. if the name is common. This has happened several times to me.
    damit, basta.

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    Black TunicHi FB, in total there are about 75 pages, to his RuSSHA file, but no Stammrollenkarte. Unfortunately his personnel file was also missing, as I tried to get that as well. I was trying to pick out a couple of interesting pages, although no doubt they all are (to a degree) if you can read German!!

    Will find a way of getting the file to you, over the next couple of days.

    Thanks - as ever


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    Dear Colleague, thanks. Is there some way to enlarge the Lebenslauf piece so it is clearer?
    damit, basta.

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    By the way, I am happy to read all 75 pages, as I find this kind of thing much more interesting than looking at, and writing about, "sculls" and patches and such.
    damit, basta.

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    The whole RuSHA piece is very interesting as concerns the spirit, morale and incredibly fussy part of the SS.
    damit, basta.

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    Greetings. These are very interesting developments. Many thanks to Tietze for sharing and of course to F.B., HPL2008 and others for their support and background efforts. One reads much about the policies and procedures of the SS world and here it is brought to a very personal level. Threads like this, which are so much more than simply a display of some fine relics, are always my favorite. Regards, paul

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    A better scan of the CV would help with some minor details, but most of it is legible.

    Fischer was born on 13 June 1907 at Colmar in the Alsace as the son of the physician Dr. Karl Heinrich Fischer (deceased by the time of writing) and his wife Franziska. The familiy lived at Colmar until 24 Dec. 1918; expelled by the French, they moved to Freiburg im Breisgau on 25 Dec. 1918. Fischer attended school there up to the Obersekunda level, taking up commercial vocational training with a local stationery supply company on 1 Aug. 1926. Following his successfully completed job training, he worked as a management assistant, in purchasing and distribution and as a salesman.

    Active in right-wing politics early on, he was a member of the youth organization of the Bund Wiking (an offshoot of the Ehrhardt Brigade) from 1923 to 1924. (Many members of the Bund Wiking later found their way into the SA and SS, including Horst Wessel.)

    Fischer joined the NSDAP and SS on 15 March 1933, was commissioned as an Untersturmführer on 30 Jan. 1936 and promoted to Obersturmführer on 12 Sept. 1937. The same year (on 8 March) he left the Protestant Church.

    From 1 June 1934 on, he had worked in a succession of full-time assignments with the Allgemeine SS, the last two of which were as an adjutant and Personalreferent of the 65th SS-Standarte from 1 Jan. 1938 and in the same function for SS-Abschnitt XXIX from 1 Jan. 1939.

    Between 21 Jan. 1936 and 20 March 36, he served with an Army unit at Villingen-Schwenningen and was again called up between 27 Aug. and 9 Sept. of the same year.
    (This is not unusual. Fischer was a member of the weiße Jahrgänge ["white age groups"], the generation that was too young to be called-up for military service during the Imperial era, lived through the Weimar years - when no conscription existed - and were already too old to be called up as regular conscripts when compulsory military service was re-introduced in the Third Reich. Such men were commonly called up for short terms of very basic military training and -exercises, lasting no more than a few weeks.)

    His rather brief service with the Waffen-SS was already described in post # 11. Just allow me to add that he took up service with the LAH on 1 Dec. 1939 and was promoted to Unterscharführer on 15 March 1940.
    This illustrates what I had said about A-SS ranks not being transferrable into the W-SS: In 1939, he had already held the rank of Obersturmführer [i.e. 1st Lieutenant] in the Allgemeine SS, but had to start out as a Private in the Waffen-SS, getting promoted to Unterscharführer [i.e. Corporal] before being sent to Tölz for officer training.
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    Bravo, Andreas. You have good eyes. and a fine analysis of the Lebenslauf.
    damit, basta.

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    Black TunicBlack TunicDear Andreas, echoing F-B thank you so much for the comprehensive analysis. I have included another document, which I hope is acceptable! I will also try to post his wifes Lebenslauf but it is quite faint.

    Thank you once again for your great and very much appreciated assistance.


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    Donnerwetter. This letter is from the Schulungsleiter (ideological indoctrination toad) of the 67 Sta. to the RuSHA essentially saying that, based on his observations of Frl. Koch (the would be bride of your Fischer here) and the he-said, she-said among a circle of officers and their women--that is gossip among the SS leaders--that Frl. Koch is a slut. (uebel beleumdet) She also dyes her hair and ain't a real woman for an SS officer more or less even though she might superficially appear so. She has been trying without success to snag the local SS officers, with multiple attempts that have caused her to appear as a loose woman.

    Maybe Andreas will do us all the honor of a literal translation.

    You see here how the fuss budget, prissy habitus of a dweeb like Himmler then fills the whole organization. Of course, Heini H. had his mistress, and the rest of them were hardly a picture of family values, to say nothing of mass murder.

    I have read a lot of nonsense from SS people in my life, but this one deserves a prize.
    The RuSHA kept close book on the women who married SS officers because of the racial elite piece, but you see here that the whole thing was on a silly, twisted bourgeois foundation open to abuse and nonsense.
    Elites are always a dubious proposition, especially when they set out to keep going as an elite and choose odd means to do so.
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    damit, basta.

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