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Black tunic to be checked

Article about: Indeed.

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    Dear friends, thanks for your reaction. First off all i do respect all militaria collectors around the globe as it is beautiful but costly hobby. I do understand the way you see it and i do respect everyone who has got professional approach and strong knowledge about ww2 german items. All i wanted to say is that none of us has got 100% knowledge about every single ww2 german item that did or will get on check. I have seen so many variations of ww2 german unifom items. These items were tailored with different tailor cuts and with so many different materials/fabrics. For one it is so difficult to have 100% overview and knowledge. So sometimes even if some of the displayed item may look strange or uncommonly it can be a genuine item.
    Dear Colleague, thank you. If you read our posts, the sensible and reflective among our number have written your paragraph above five hundred and more times and invested a huge effort to give evidence of your assertion.
    None of us claims 100% of such knowledge, which, as you say, was the property of contemporaries. I also have known many people in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia directly exposed to this stuff at the time. The ones who know the real answers to the questions posed here, a person who made caps, or a person who administered the quarter master role in a garrison, are almost all dead and beyond our reach.

    Much of what exists in these sites originated firstly with a handful of U.S. dealers at a series of glamor militaria shows, in which a very odd and Darwinian pecking order obtains, granted how profitable this material has become since the 1970s. Certain of these dealers are out and out crooks, who use these websites as a fence for their fakes and frauds, but that is not my thing. Certain collectors have also hoisted themselves onto the podium of pundit hood with this medium, and abused it with the propagation of check lists, cute insider base ball bromides, and a warping of knowledge through the phrase "text book," etc. in order to establish their hegemony over others, often to frighten new collectors off, and to bag the extra material. Often these internet lions are of mediocre intelligence, culturally ignorant, and, most important, impose 21st century U.S. American presumptions on things that are neither from the U.S. and especially not from the 21st century. I could give you endless examples of their larcenies and felonies.

    They assume that the making of uniforms in the early 20th century was identical to shopping in Walmart or Barney's or Big Bob's or something, but surely they neither understand nor even want to understand the reality of these things.
    I am an American who has lived a significant part of his life in Europe, and did so beginning in the 1970s, at which time the cultural barriers that have emerged in globalization were not present.
    The internet chimaera leads to many misunderstandings about knowledge, which were not present when the fight to learn was done in person, in the place, and with the people who had actually lived in the III. Reich.
    I knew many, and their role in my life was very deep and profound, indeed, as they were the age of my grand parents and parents, that is, they were very close to me.
    Today such a thing is remote, opaque and only symbolic for persons born, say, in 1980 and after.....

    This website is international, and its leading lights are collectors who have an interest in open exchange and who endeavor to share real material. I, for instance, do not sell militaria professsionally, though am friends with people who do, but I am a professional historian and my approach here is to show the sources. I detest dogma, and I am the first to write that the exception is dominant, and context is everything. I can also recall when these things were really considered junk, and such is very hard for young people to understand.

    I surely do not claim all knowledge, but I have tried on this site to organize and analyze knowledge for myself, and for others, some of whom are beginners. We devote a huge effort to variations, oddities, differences, exceptions, and anything other than some dumb adherence to dogma about these things.

    I do hope you will read all our posts in their variety, especially if you can read German. The issue of variations and exceptions is one of my favorite themes and my posts have sought to show these to the extent that the evidence allows.
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    damit, basta.

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