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Brigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-Reitschulen

Article about: Christian Weber was born August 25, 1883 in Polsingen and was one of Adolf Hitlers early confidantes and political associates, carrying Nazi Party membership #15. He was a brawler and early

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    Great History

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    Circuit advertisement Brigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-Reitschulen
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    I've been looking recently and have found some additional photographs of Weber I'd like to post here, enjoy.Brigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-Reitschulen

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    Brigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-ReitschulenCredit to Geoff W on the previous picture.
    The good think about Weber is he is easily recognisable, even from behind

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    He was certainly a big cheese, here is Weber behind Hitler following Hitler's election to power.Brigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-Reitschulen

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    If you think he was no big cheese, just try asking his Seamstress....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Never known as a particularly shy man, here is Weber hosting the prize giving ceremonies after the big annual race meeting in Munich every July.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Brigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-Reitschulen  

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    a splendid cuff title to have seen today.

    my memory may fail me, but i believe this (not this exact specimen specifically, but another perhaps) was being offered by a German dealer some years ago. perhaps 5 or 6. i came very close to buying it.

    the dealer (and myself) had never seen another example. this does not mean this cuff title is unique and the point is made that it was listed in catalog, but it is certainly extraordinarily rare if it is not unique.

    i doubt we will see another for some time.

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    Its the same title, you saw.
    The history of this title is well known. Found in the US, made its way to Germany.
    It was then given to me on US terretory, then back again as I moved back to Germany.

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    Thank you for the confirmation. As I mentioned, I do not always trust my memory as to what I see when there are some intervening years.

    Now that you have confirmed that this cuff title is the very one that I recall, I suppose it's history is somewhat now known to me as well.

    The more I look at it, the more a regret not acquiring it when I could have. It's a splendid thing.

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    Here in my small contribution. After reading this thread I looked into the Nacht Der Amazonen a bit more and found these 2 posters for the 1936 and 1938 events. I would be interested to see the 1937 poster if anyone has it or a photo of it.

    Brigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-ReitschulenBrigadefuhrer Weber, Inspekteur der SS-Reitschulen

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