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Bruno Gesche

Article about: I wasn't really fully aware of this character until quite recently. As always happens, I was researching something else entirely when I stumbled upon photos of Gesche. He was an extraordinar

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    Default Bruno Gesche

    I wasn't really fully aware of this character until quite recently.

    As always happens, I was researching something else entirely when I stumbled upon photos of Gesche.
    He was an extraordinary figure within the inner Third Reich and the SS.
    Despite being the target of Himmler's wrath, he got away with countless scores of drunken and insubordinate behaviour and outlived them all in the end even despite being sent to SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger.

    Bruno Gesche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In this excellent documentary, Gesche is extensively mentioned.

    Hitler's Bodyguard (1/4) - YouTube
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Bruno Gesche   Bruno Gesche  

    Bruno Gesche  

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    Sounds like an interesting character to say the least!...
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    Hitle'rs Bodyguard was a great doc . Some say he was involved with operation Paper Clip after the war .

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    Bruno GescheI saw the documentary in German translation. It is well done. Thanks for pointing it out, Ben.

    - - Updated - -

    The book to read on all of this is Peter Hoffmann's work on Hitler's personal security.
    damit, basta.

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    Thanks FB, I'll look out for this book.

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    I like the Youtube links Ben..thanks for attaching them!!
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    He did like a drink every now and than.
    I wonder; when he got reduced by nine grades, from a SS-Obersturmbannführer to SS-Unterscharführer, and served as a 'sergant' did his superiors really treat him as a Unterscharführer, or was he treated as the officer he was before? I mean, everybody knew he was a the SS-Begleitkommando des Führers officer and was very close to Hitler.
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    Hitlers Bodyguards is an excellent series, I bought it a couple of years ago after first watching it on telly. Bruno Gesche was certainly an interesting bloke!

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    When reading about this guy I stumbled across Hauptscharführer Lorenz Hackenholt. What a mysterie his death/life is. I wonder if he really died in Italy, or if he survived the war and started a new life under a new name.
    Why would he be wearing a WH uniform on the wilipedia page as he was never in the WH, even joined the SS as eary as 1933.
    Lorenz Hackenholt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sorry, didn't want to hi-jack this thread.

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    Re read the link you posted. He did two years in the Heer as part of his National Service. Perfectly normal.

    Cheers, Ade.
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