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Cold War use of SS Camo smock

Article about: Greetings from Bulgaria- I'm sending a picture which was taken around 1975 year at some major military drill of the Bulgarian Army at the peak of the cold war era and the guy was at that tim

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    A funny related story - back in the 1980s a local HUGE disposal store was bringing in surplus NATO stuff from Europe and a lot of it was wrapped in WW2 Italian cammo material - just rolls of excess material. I remember buying some to try to sew up a smock myself until I realised being a seamstress was not going to be my chosen vocation ...... I think I binned my attempt!!!

    Anyway, just to say strange things happen and we shouldn't be surprised when stuff like this turns up.
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    When I first joined the Canadian army in 1980, I was issued the 1951 Pattern of Webbing, same as the 37 pattern but in green!!
    Not unusual for armies to keep old kit around for use..however using WW2 German equipment is hard to believe

    Dean O
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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    So would these have been old stock or freshly made in the 1970's?
    Because if so, it would turn the SS collecting world on it's head!!!
    The smocks were all old german war spoil. The Bulgarian army never made new camouflages of this is type. The main camo uniforms were in Splinter variant based on Splintermuster 31 used for reconnaissance units or artilery observers. They alwso have made a "frog skin"camo costumes for special forces that has no markings or insignias for reconosens, special police forces, or "diversants" - units that has to be behind enemy's lines or borders .
    Cold War use of SS Camo smockCold War use of SS Camo smockCold War use of SS Camo smockCold War use of SS Camo smock

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    How about some Korean War era UNPIK used SS uniforms ! Surprisingly, with the SS insignia still attached !!! Cheers! Taka
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Cold War use of SS Camo smock   Cold War use of SS Camo smock  

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