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"Dachau" found insignia

Article about: I have spent over 45 years tracking down veterans. I tracked the members of the units of the 45th Infantry Division who liberated Dachau. I have purchased thousands of pieces of Dachau insig

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    Anyone even remotely familiar with the development of the SS knows what role the Dachau base/camp complex played in the clothing economy of the SS. To doubt its existence reflects a lack of knowledge of the subject. Thus, the Loch Ness monster 21st century skepticism on this score does no honor to anyone who professes to collect this material beyond a sophomore level. There was a nice heap of this stuff, including the 1944 Fleckentarn battle dress as well as the jump smock that eventuated with an ex GI of French origin in my neighborhood in 1971. The material included many cuff titles, various pieces of insignia, the black Panzer cap with the card board peak, and the camouflage things. I sold the Fallschirmjaeger smock to Mollo for very, very little money. In fact, in the middle of this decade the 1944 uniform from this material reappeared once its owner had died and the piece was sold in auction. It was an odd feeling for me to see thing after three decades.

    Thus, there is a Santa Claus after all, though such must gall some reading this whose sense of doubt overwhelms the truth. I want to know what happened to the Waffen SS depots in what is today the Czech Republic, since they, too, must have had material on the scale of the Dachau warehouses.

    Thanks to colleague Hritz for sharing his treasure trove.
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    It is quite refreshing to see a post of some (ok, a lot) of original, no questions asked, "stuff."

    Thanks for posting, Bob....

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    The sites contain ever less material of any real interest, to say nothing of authenticity or rarity.

    We have passed the culmination point, to be sure.

    Colleague Hritz re engaging himself here is a big help to the general atmospherics.

    Here enclosed is something real and foetid at the same time.
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    damit, basta.

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    or this from a different uniform of similar date....maybe the man's dagger got caught somewhere, somehow in Westfalia.
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    As pertains to the whole Dachau issue ventilated above, read this and then post some more on how the SS Dachau clothing hoard is a chimera.
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    The Kaienburg book explains the origins of the clothing works within the cosmos of SS economic enterprises that was central to the character and evolution of the institution. Such is also quite typical of paramilitary and praetorian organizations in unstable political climes that then go into business for themselves in addition to embarking on campaigns of imperial expansion.

    He is sharing a laugh with his adjutant not the least because his bank account is growing with ill gotten gain. When you look at his face here, you do really have to explain to me why we have all devoted so much energy to all of this?
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    or this here? Die entzuckende Frau Gemahlin des Reichsfuehrers SS? Did she get residuals from the insignia at Dachau in the years thereafter?
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    Here is the personage upon whom it all hinged, in fact.

    His biography reveals all as concerns the SS economic enterprises and their character.

    He is seen here after having come down in society, to be sure.
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    And the system evolved in concert also with the so called brauner Laden, the chief one here in Berlin as seen in the years prior to 1933. It was the province of the Assmann family of Luedenscheid, one of whose sons was an SA officer who built up this undertaking, just as Pohl did in his own way later with the economic enterprises of the SS.

    I realize that all of this diverges from a discussion of cap insignia, but since I bought the Uniformen Markt CD, the whole paradigm has rather shifted for me.
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    I have seen some of the certifacates of autheticity, given to the tabs and othe insignia and issued by US commandant of Dachau camp in 1945 year

    my Skype: warrelics

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