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Dad's Dachau Stuff

Article about: We recently re-discovered stuff that my Dad brought back from his 3 month stay at Dachau (he was 2nd Lt with the 100th Infantry), buried at the bottom of an old GI duffel bag, and stuffed in

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    How refreshing it is to have somebody inherit such items who has taken the time to explain a little bit about how he came into these items and about his fathers experience during the war (instead of just asking how much are they worth).

    I wish you the best of luck with whatever it is you decide to do with all of this (I would keep it all but, then again, I collect this stuff).

    If you do decide to part with it, I would definitely keep a few things to pass on to future generations of your family.

    Best wishes and thanks so much for sharing your photos here.

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    I just happen to be offering my left arm for an SS Feldgendarmerie Cuff-Title...
    cheers, Glenn
    Glenn..... I'll see your left arm and raise you my right n*t.

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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    Holy cow!....
    You Asian Indian ?

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    Great to see fresh, clean, untouched, undealered, straight as a die "sleepers".

    These type of items are worth "Top Dollar" purely for their untouched status !

    Gary J.

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    Just a fantastic collection from Dachua. Items collectors dream about putting in their collection. Like mentioned before, your Father left you items that will bring in good amounts of cash for your family. Just remember your future generations because these item will just increase in price. Good luck with your decisions John and Congrats.
    Semper Fi

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    Hi John, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your Dad's most impressive haul!

    Cheers, Ade.
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    I shudder to think how full John's inbox must be about now...

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    Such a staggering collection of insignia! I am mind blown.

    A collection like that, I would keep. But I'm a collector so of course I would think that. If you sold half of what you had there you would still be in a fortune. Maybe keep the best of the insignia and move on the rest if that's what you want to do.

    I really enjoyed reading about your father.

    Cheers, Patrick

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    I just happen to be offering my left arm for an SS Feldgendarmerie Cuff-Title...
    cheers, Glenn
    THEN where would you wear it Glenn ........?????
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Not so bad. Everyone is expressing their interest discreetly and gently.
    I suppose I should say that if and when I do decide to sell, I will make sure the opportunity is democratic.

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