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DANISH Waffen SS Flag???

Article about: I've been lookin at this for a while...Dunno if it's for real? opinions very welcome. Heres the dealers description: Original German WW2 DANISH Waffen SS Flag, stamped, 1942 This item depict

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    Quote by davejb View Post
    I must admit, i cant work out why theres a defaced stamp unless its a Russian museum stamp , but that would have added a credible excuse for not being removed and would help to prove the statement being made, although there are some members who say they may have seen this type of flag before, it would still be easy enough to sew on the runes post war and as for the black light test that in itself is not infallible
    Exactly what the dealer claims...It's supposedly a buy from a russian museum back in 91/92!
    There should have been 2 and the other he claims he sold to a belgian museum!

    Hmmm...Ade & Stinschen's comments ad notum...
    Pretty sure i'll leave this where it is....Unless wartime photos proves different

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    He also happens to sell KM Captainīs/Officerīs hats... those are very bad as well... If you want to know where he gets them pls PM me

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    i have little knowledge on these ss items, but now ive viewed and been continually educated by the kind members here,i can only say that the vast majority including the armbands are fantasy products never manufactured in this period.respectfully george w

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    if it was a Danish ss 'naval' flag like it says on the site, why doesnt it have the swollow tail then..? I thought all naval flags in Denmark had that..?

    Oh, and the State flag...

    something smells rotton in the state of Denmark
    I'm here till Thursday...try the veal.

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    Couldn't find a Stars & Stripes with SS-runes at this freak site , but you could probably have them made to order as well ..?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DANISH Waffen SS Flag???  

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    This seller is literally flooding the entire world market with his loads of rubbish. If they weren't so highly priced, many of the items he has would be comical. William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Looked at the site.Bad stuff and a bunch of junk and as Ade said i would never buy anything from that site.Stay Away!!!!!!!!

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    While several period photos showing danish ss-volunteers flying danish flags do exist, I've never seen a danish flag with the SS-runes.

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    This is a very well known sammer dealer. He is from Canada and is Jewish. 99.9% of his items are bad. He is also on EBay. Please, stay far, far away. I've contacted him with solid proof his items was a repro, to he replied, well then don't buy it. I sent a new email back showing why it was a fake, to which he never replied an the item eventually sold. I wish I could tell everyone about him, but sadly items continue to be sold on his site. I can't believe one could profit from scamming others on holocaust artifacts who was jewish(As I am Jewish as well). He has no respect for this horrible period of time.

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    It's not the first time this happened. Holo artifacts have no place in TR collecting. They are not war related IMHO. It have nothing to do with armies in combat etc.

    Regards, Lars

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