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Discontunation of Coloured borders on Titles

Article about: For those interested in insignia details I was glancing through some RZM documents last night and I found this little snippet that serves to clarify the date of the discontinuation of colour

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    The Sturmbaender with the colored borders for the Sturmbann were phased out in a general reorganization of SS uniform, or Allgemeine SS uniform in the course of 1937.

    What you enclose, at least, with the alu borders and alu arabic numerals are the new model of Sturmband, which was, more or less, identical to that for leaders of a Standarte on the Sta. staff or the commander.

    This is actually a pretty complicated topic. My better informed colleagues will set us straight. Nice images.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Pascal BERNHARD View Post
    At first sight is this a request to know the amount ( stock) of Allg. SS insignia at this date.
    It is of course obvious that this request has a reason, but where is the fact that the previous pattern will be replaced from this date ?
    The text speaks also and includes the insignia with aluminum wire embroidery and border ?
    No; the text does not address cuff titles with aluminum borders: It specifically addresses cuff titles with colored borders and silk- or aluminum embroidery (as well as collar patches with silk embroidery).

    The reason for enquiring about existing stocks of cuff titles with colored borders definitely was the fact that they were already in the process of being phased out since 1937.

    This was a gradual process, with the new model cuff titles being only issued after stocks of the corresponding older model had been completely used up. From time to time, announcements were published in the SS-Befehlsblatt on which old-model cuff titles had been used up and thus replaced by the new-model ones. Here is such an announcement from 25th June 1938:

    Discontunation of Coloured borders on Titles

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    Of even more interest is this earlier publication of 25th February 1938, as it offers more background information:

    "Despite the regulatory statues of 6th Aug. 37 to the order of the Reichsführer-SS, file ref. B 23 d/18.6.37 of 18th June 37, duty stations keep refusing to accept deliveries from the still-exising stocks of old-model insignia. Because of this, I once again refer to the regulations of no. III, section e in the order of 18th June 37, in which it is expressly stipulated that it is up to the Verwaltungsamt-SS to announce on a strict case-by-case basis from which time the new-model insignia are to be available.

    Following up on this regulation, it is herewith prohibited to put on new-model insignia before this announcement has been made. The
    Reichszeugmeisterei and the authorized retailers are ordered to supply old-model insignia only until such an announcement - which is exclusively published in the SS-Befehlsblatt - has been made.

    I appeal to the officers' and men's insight and ask them to consider the fact that these days it would a crime to throw the existing stocks on the salvage pile, not to mention the financial damage this would cause to the SS.

    Verwaltungsamt-SS will inform the individual SS units about which stocks of their relevant insignia are still available. I hope that this will put an end to orders from active officers in which their men are directed to put on the new-model insignia.

    Of the following insignia, the old-model versions are no more in stock and the new-model ones shall be supplied:

    [...] "

    Discontunation of Coloured borders on Titles

    Based on period documents posted by several members, I had assembled a timeline on the development of the cuff titles worn by the SS-Standarten here:

    (post # 62 on page 7)

    (The period documents above had been previously posted by other members.)
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    Bravo, Andreas, bravo!

    You are a champ!

    And thanks to Mr. d'Alquen. These orders and documents show the past as it actually was, versus the foreshortened and skewed version that exists in the collector biotope with its check lists and textbooks.
    damit, basta.

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    Thank you for all your efforts in collating this material, not to mention your sterling work in translating the German language documents that are posted. It is not easy to bring order to this online environment where threads relating to a specific issue or subject inevitably seem to become a dumping ground for random commentary and unrelated imagery.
    Your discipline and attention to detail are to be commended.
    Well done,

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you very much for this additionnal inputs

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